Overwhelmed by Love

Prayer During Worship Service on Sunday, July 8th

Prayer During Worship Service on Sunday, July 8th

Musing Monday, July 8, 2019 – 3 AM

By: Laila Bare

Oh, my, I am overwhelmed by love.
And the journey is just beginning.

Strange how the day of breaking bad news to our church family
turned out to be one of the most wonderful days of our lives.

You left us completely immersed, saturated, surrounded by your love and support.
It awakens me during the night...the memory of this precious day.

Were there tears? Yes.

It's natural for families to cry when their leader is hurting.
But our tears were tears of joy.
Tears of seeing the outpouring of compassion and caring.

So I arise because sleep escapes.
It's hard to sleep while the mind is racing, remembering, basking....

Life in the valley is easier when in the valley is a pool of love.

Yes, the reality is long days ahead.
Multiple visits to doctors and hospitals.

And the shadow that waiting casts.
Waiting for results. Waiting to see the road we must take as it unwinds before us.

But the agony of the wait is diminished by the beautiful memories of Sunday.
The memory of being surrounded by love.
Of being surrounded by our church family.

And then having our home filled with our local physical family of Danny's & Davina's 6 children, 2 spouses, 2 grandchildren [our great-grandchildren].
Later joined by Jasmine and Khoury from southwest Virginia.
And Feba, who lends support in multiple ways.

So when I think I cannot absorb any more, I arise at 2:30 AM.
And check my e-mail.
And see that the church has started a prayer team for this week.

What is amazing is that most of the slots have already been filled.
Filled by faces part of the picture of yesterday.
And some filled by people who have left Covenant for whatever reason.
Again, I am flooded with love. And gratitude.

Cancer is an awful word.
And it's a path that we have walked with so many others.

We have been with others when they received their diagnosis.
Some now walk with the joy of having come through.
Of being an overcomer. Of being cancer-free.

Some now walk on with uncertainty and scheduled checkups.
But with confidence that God will see them through.

Some no longer walk with us, but have graduated to their eternal home.
So we walk with the spouses and families who remain among us.
And who best understand what this path entails.

Thank you, church family, for the joy of yesterday.
And the hope of today.

Thank you, physical family, for the joy you add to our lives.
And the anticipation of even more as the years unfold.

Always remembering the Healer is our owner.
And He can perform healing any way He chooses.

What Satan has chosen to use to destroy,
God will turn into a blessing to us and to others.

Deuteronomy 23:5: But the Lord thy God turned the curse into a blessing unto thee, because the Lord thy God loved thee.

Robert McCready