The Journey Home

Thursday, July 25, 2019

I was released from the hospital this past Monday, six days after surgery. My spleen and part of my pancreas with a malignant growth of about one inch were removed.

No I did not stop by the church on the way home. I was told all was well and took their word for it.

Besides, before surgery it was about 20 miles from our home to the hospital. Maps did not change but the distance from hospital to home grew to over 100 miles after surgery!

The doctor was very pleased with the surgical process and affirmed to Laila that the 25% risk of something going wrong had been reduced to zero. The surgery went extraordinarily well, not even having a drain tube.

As with many surgeries various systems of the body need time to return to action and perhaps longer to return to normal action. By the time of arriving home all systems were go. At present, almost back to normal.

I rest about seven hours each night with several 5-10 minute interruptions. Sleep returns.

Staying home. Not driving. Not allowed to give instructions to driver if we should go anywhere. I do not understand the difference why a man must be silent when a woman is driving, but the woman has free reign to speak.

No opioids since Day Two after surgery. No pain.

Lay down for brief periods during the day to relax body.

Blessed by kind words, cards and wonderful food from precious people.

Surgeon's office phoned today.

No cancer in margins.

No cancer in lymph nodes.

Probably chemo about September.

Personal physician phoned today. He said: "I am still marveling that you came to my office with a question just because you touched your side and it felt odd. If you had waited three to six months it could have been disastrous."

Yes, I plan to be in worship Sunday. Do not know if I can sustain both services and Bible study. But I want to participate with in ordaining two new elders and hear Pastor Robert preach.

Much love
Pastor Bare
Philippians 4:8

Robert McCready