Pastor's Health Update

Dear Covenant Family and Friends:

Greetings & love to you all as I send this update.

No need to detail to you the experience of processing in a hospital. Laila and I arrived about 8 and left about 1:30 today...hungry...very hungry.

Plan: Surgery next Tuesday, July 16, 2019 about 1 PM. Arrive at UVA Emily Couric Cancer Center 10-11 AM. Second surgery of the day for Dr. Z. The cancer is stage 1b [PTL!] with infections outside of cancer. Surgery possibly 3-4 hours.

Initial incision will be made to take microscopic look at fluids outside of pancreas. If there are floating tumors not identified on MRI, surgery will be stopped. Alternate plan will follow.

If surgery proceeds larger incision will be made to remove about half of pancreas and entire spleen (which has a blocked vessel because of the pancreatic cancer).

Good news is that all vitals are strong. My lungs are clear. Heart is healthy.  They say that clean living since I gave my heart to the Lord at age 14 has contributed to optimal chances of success.  No drinking,  smoking, vaping [that’s a new one that’s been added to the list of things they ask you about], drugs.....

The tumor on the left kidney will be a post surgery issue, maybe even radiation for now.

Given surgery is successful it is likely that I will have chemo every two weeks for six months. Here is the good news about the chemo. Because of my excellent health Dr. Pritchard opinions that I may be a
candidate for the very strongest chemo which will give the best opportunity that cancer would not return.

Time in hospital will be 3-7 days...all things equal. Recovery time 4-6 weeks.

Laila and I are in good spirits. Support of congregation and friends is amazing...beyond anything we ever dreamed.

Knowing the weeks ahead will be confining Laila and I are thinking of getting out of town possibly through Sunday. I have also been advised to try and take protective measures from infectious diseases until

Never would we have dreamed that the peace of God would be so powerful in such a time of challenge. My blood pressure is normal. I sleep like a baby.

We feel the power of prayers.  And we know God is the Healer, however He chooses to do it.  Trusting Him.

Much love.

Pastor Bare

Will keep you informed.
I Peter 5:7

Robert McCready