Strong Tower


There were about three years when the song “Strong Tower” by Kutless resonated in my spirit. The words “You are my strong tower, a shelter over me…, In the midst of my darkness, in the midst of all my fears, You’re my refuge and my hope when the storm of life is raging and the thunder’s all I hear. You speak softly to my soul.... You are my strong tower, Fortress when I’m weak…”

I clung to the promises in this song like one would cling to a life preserver!

In 2007, I was in a serious car accident shattering my hip. Nine screws and 3 plates held my hip together. Lots of pain. Lots. And, just when I would think to myself, “Okay, almost to the end of the tunnel…” another complication requiring another surgery, strong antibiotics, and heavy-duty pain meds would be required. Four surgeries in three years and many extended months of rehab to learn to walk properly again left me very weak. But not defeated!

I look back and see God’s grace and mercy in preparing me for this event and also His hand in all that I experienced during those 3 years. I had retired in 2006 from a job I adored—teaching first grade—due to asthma issues that were aggravated by the old building in which I taught. What a blessing it turned out to be! For the first time in a long time, I had long mornings to spend with God and His Creation; and that is what I did. I dug in. I began journaling (which I still do every morning.) I grew so much closer to God, since I had more than a rushed 15 minutes to distractedly pray on my drive to work! Had I not had this year to really BE with the Lord, who knows how I would have handled the things I had to face in just 12 months?

Truly, I had no blame, no anger, and no “why me?” I took each day as it came and looked to God to take care of my situation. And He did! I had such amazing support from family and friends—literally hundreds of cards, dozens of bouquets, almost daily visits and calls, rides to and from physical therapy, and months of wonderful meals provided by friends from where I had taught, friends at Covenant Church, and friends my husband worked with at State Farm Insurance! My husband’s sister and a friend came for over a month to care for me at night so my husband could sleep and be able to return to work. Just blessed beyond measure time and time again.

I remember the Sunday I was able to go back to church for the first time…weak and on a walker. Such JOY filled my soul! He was my God and my Strong Tower. He still is. He never fails.

Covenant Church