This Sunday, September 29, 10 AM we will gather in the new front lobby for a brief ceremony of recognizing God's favor. We have talked about FINISH. FINISH is inches away. By God's grace we will celebrate on Sunday with "Occupancy"!

Three of the original twelve founding members are alive and faithful to Covenant. All three are in long-term care facilities. We are prayerful that at least one may be present to cut the symbolic ribbon indicating full use of the building.

 Last Sunday our attendance was strong. In the second service I asked for persons to lift their hands if they had been throughout the entire complex. Less than 20 people indicated they had taken a full tour. We want everyone to be able to see what God has done.

After the ribbon-cutting instructions will be given for people to walk through the complex, including renovated and new. The tour will include offices. 

The hope is that persons walking through will give praise to God. Second, the hope is that persons walking through will see the endless possibilities of evangelism, discipleship, fellowship and worship. That they will see POTENTIAL FOR MINISTRY!

"Lord, lay some soul upon my heart,

And love that soul through me;

And may I ever do my part,

To bring that soul to thee!"

These are tender words of a song calling us to be like the Apostle Andrew who loved to bring people to Jesus.

We dedicate our lives to varied challenges. Sports, travel, work, humanitarian efforts, being beautiful, being strong, being educated, being rich, serving addictions, ad infinitum.

We make choices. The decisions we make tell others and God what our values are. If we were to ask others what they see in us it might be surprising to hear their answers. Our actions speak louder than words.

Too many times I have attended funerals where words of praise rang hollow. My hunch was that courtesy of those attending restrained them from rising and rebuking speakers who gave glowing praise that contradicted the lifestyle of the deceased.

Our actions can fool man. We cannot fool God. He knows our motive. The Holy Spirit is keenly aware whether we are denying ourselves and taking up our cross to follow Jesus. God is not fooled nor deceived. He knows our heart. 

The anchor and good health of a congregation is for the pastoral team, elders, leaders and members to be biblically driven, living in the power of salvation through the cross, filled with the Holy Spirit and acting out the Great Commission.

As we step with boldness into a new future on the other side of the FINISH of construction I pray that every heart will be challenged to live sanctified and holy lives of service in the character of Hebrews 12:1,2.

We will give thanks to God. We will give thanks to volunteers who have been faithful. We will give thanks for a congregation that is united and grateful. We will give thanks for businesses, contractors and community people who have faithfully help bring us to FINISH. 

We will stand soberly in God’s presence and pledge ourselves to turn our construction labors and giving to evangelism, discipleship and missions. We are going through a new door that will allow us to serve more people more graciously! Our hearts are committed to live service with gratitude.

This Sunday we will tithe. We will also bring a special offering for technology. We have friends around the world who watch live stream. We need to update. My hope is that friends even far away will participate in this offering. You can go online to covenantchurch.net and give. You may mail your offering or give online. Even better bring your offering! 

We give praise to our God for you and for the excitement of this season.

Much love

Pastor Bare

Those that be planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God.  Ps. 92:13

P.S. A local TV station is planning on doing a feature on Covenant Church.

Covenant Church