How Big Is God?

God's world is so fascinating. Not just the earth but infinity.

Recently scientists sent signals and discovered a new phenomenon in the universe. Just 8,550 million trillion kilometers from earth. 

Excuse me. Would someone help me to know how far this is? I need a mathematician. Have any man-made objects flown there? Has man sailed any boats there? Laid any train tracks? Built any roads? Carved out bike and walking trails? Built any exotic resorts there?

Man does not have a telescope that can see this distance. Man has no way of taking pictures of what he thinks is there. Man has no means of transportation to get there. Man is not even sure of what is there!

Just by chance could the 8,550 be perhaps 7,550. Or, could it be that the number is really 9,220? Could the measurements be off a few million or billion kilometers?

How does man in all his brilliance measure infinitesimal distance with such accuracy? How can man be so certain of things he has not seen, places he cannot go, or distances he cannot measure?

We have ocean depths that have not been measured. We have geography on earth that has not been explored. Who has been to depths of the Antarctic Sea? Who can catch the wind in their hands? Who can harness or bridle a hurricane? Who can make the sun to rise or tell it when to go down---with atomic timing?

God laughs at man. In the Book of Job the Almighty asks what man can take a leviathan home, tie it up in his yard and allow his children to play with it?

I love astronomy. The universe fascinates me. The idea that the universe is expanding is beyond my comprehension.

But I am also equally puzzled by the wonder of man in the hands of God. I marvel that Jesus would call a fisherman about 23 years old who cursed and sometimes dressed less than modest to deny himself, take up his cross and follow.

I marvel that about 40 years later Simon Peter was a scholar of Old Testament scriptures, a philosopher, a historian, a Greek linguist, a theologian and a Bishop in the Early Church.

Miraculous it is what God did to take a fisherman and polish him into a Pillar of the Early Church, a prophet speaking to our times, and a saint willing to be martyred for believing in Jesus.

I marvel at the genius God has given to His creation man. I arrive at a hospital. In two hours the prepping is done, a port is inserted into my chest, and I walked two floors to begin further treatment. It is 3.25 AM the morning after and I have not had a pain from a man-made object being inserted into my bloodstream.

Genius. Oh, the genius that God created in man. I do not need the universe to make me believe in a creative God. I do not need to measure 8,550 million trillion kilometers.

If doubt should arrive and knock on my front door I would look to people I know who were once lost in the darkness of sin. From the pulpit to the pew we were trespassers who were dead in sin. Shall we classify our sins from high to low. Do we insult God with social class? Do we insist that some were high-class sinners and others low-class sinners? 

What foolishness. We came to Jesus desperate. Crying out of darkness. Repenting of our rebellion. Asking for forgiveness. Believing in the shed blood of Calvary as an atonement.

Saints come to worship. Well-dressed. Smiling. Cheerful. Generous. Hands raised. Hearts earnestly lifting music to worship. Bringing tithe and gifts of love to God. Ears open to hear the gospel. See the Church Jesus has created!

I believe in God. I believe in what I have not seen. Yet, I have seen His great hand prove himself to be the Creator God who still stretches out the heavens into infinity… today creating new stars and universes… expanding into nothingness his glory and naming stars not yet born!

Oh that man would worship the True and Living God!

This coming Sunday Laila and I and our family will celebrate being the lead pastor's family of Covenant for 38 years.  I do not know how big God is, but He is big enough for me to trust him with my total being for eternity! He is big enough to save unto the uttermost! He is big enough to keep his Word and send His Son, Jesus Christ, for the Church (Ephesians 5).

Much love

Pastor Bare

II Peter 3 Read it carefully. He will be on time!

Covenant Church