Saying “Thank You”

Words seem so futile to express joy in the heart. 

A daddy holding a newborn child…

A mother allowing a newborn to rest gently on her breast…

The song of a cardinal in early morning…

The petals of a rose unfolding in sunshine after a rain… 

A sinner coming to Jesus…

A prodigal walking through the doors of home…

Putting love into words, which we call human pictures. Reducing the divine to fit mortal ears.

“God so loved the world”….(John 3:16).

Human words. Reducing ethereal physics to human understanding. A mathematical equation that has not been written of an Eternal God creating and loving His creation.

“God so loved the world” an infinity squeezed into five English words. The intellect and emotions of God, His sacrificial love, and His generosity reduced to five words.

I remember the night I gave my heart to Jesus. Age 14. It was a phenomenal experience. Not about my dad, the pastor. Nor about my mom who had prayed for me. Not about anyone forcing me, making me feel guilty, or less than human.  I thought about life, the process of life, the temptations of life. Made a decision I needed help…a HELPER, a Savior, Jesus.

Someone asked me how I felt. There were no words adequate. 

As a teenager I studied the world’s major religions. Thought about them philosophically. Tried to reason through the logic. Came to the conclusion only the life, character and biblical account of Jesus made any sense. 

What happened on that August night was between God and one of His created beings. I stepped into the care of Christ, sin banished. Wise decision.

To this day when I try to write or speak words that explain the joy of knowing Jesus, words are inadequate. Whatever I say about Jesus the spoken words seem flat, hollow when measured against the joy in my heart. Just cannot seem to express the ultimate thrill of being a follower of Christ.

Likewise, there are no words for the thrill of getting up Sunday morning, 12 days after pancreatic cancer surgery, knowing it was Sunday. Feeling the joy of getting dressed. Energy not so great. But grit. Walking into the sanctuary. Seeing precious people. Feeling the sweet reward of heaven’s fellowship on earth. Rejoicing in our common salvation.

I love corporate worship!

I love seeing people who enjoy blessings of earth but whose values are lofty and eternal. I love seeing friendly and generous people who as a Body serve each other and their community in ways that testify of Jesus. 

Words fail. But love prevails.

Much love

Pastor Bare

Hebrews 10:25

Covenant Church