When Day Is Done

Laila and I arrived home for about thirty minutes of incredible sunset. God could have painted the sky gray. He could have made all leaves and grass the same color. He could have made the earth of sand.

But He did not. His creation was so wonderful that He affirmed it as "good". Today’s sunset, like so many others, was so marvelous in colors and cloud patterns. Remember our Creator took the Seventh Day to enjoy what He had made.

 As I look out the window at 9:02 PM a light spot remains in the sky as a consequence of the sun bouncing its rays from below the horizon. 

The evening is quiet---only the sound of the keys of the computer typing this message. Sleep is crawling up on me. I am trying to stay awake.

The weekend has been long, tasking and beautiful. While we carry burdens bigger than our shoulders yet we rejoice for the Great Shepherd Jesus who has promised to never leave us or forsake us. No day passes but that we see and experience the gracious hand of our God. We rejoice for divine provision. We delight ourselves in promises of God, even while we experience heaven's bounty.

This past Sunday was a remarkable happening. For the first time we were privileged to have a Bible class for men (42) and women (48) in the new seminar rooms on the top level. Two other adult classes were happening on the lower level. There was rejoicing as we opened the doors to enjoy what the Lord has provided.

Only one year ago steel was being erected and we had lots of mud. Incredibly with the wet winter and wet spring we have moved forward with victory after victory. 

 There have been times when we have waited upon the Lord to give us wisdom to know what to do. Times we have waited on weather. Times we have waited on workmen. Times we have waited on materials. 

God has been faithful. He has protected workmen. I watched Monday morning as three men creatively lifted a 20-foot 400-pound steel beam 16 feet into the air. It was dangerous. They were careful. Only inches to spare to prevent damage to the building. A wrong move would have been high risk to life and limb and property. With ingenuity they succeeded and saved the church hundreds of dollars by not renting equipment or calling in subcontractors. Danny was the mastermind.

It occurs to me that you have read many of these letters with notes about the building program. I admit to the constant theme. But allow me a few thoughts. Keep in mind that we have been able to keep the church doors open every Sunday during construction. We have maintained a full schedule of teaching, ministry, outreach and preaching. We have kept the congregation informed of all aspects and made giving to be beautiful. No guilt trips.

What we do we do because we love Jesus. What we do we do because it is seed sown into the eternal harvest fields of Our Lord. We are members of His Body. We are followers who have taken up our cross. We give because Christ gave His life for us. We give because we see the fruit of our giving even while we live.

I can lay my head to the pillow and trust God to watch over the parents who are waiting for babies to be birthed, the precious persons who are having medical challenges, the persons who are searching to find their way with Jesus, the persons who have erred and are now leaning up the mercies of the Lord, the multitudes of persons who are trying to find their way home to God, and the growing number of persons who are stepping forward to lead, i.e., become disciples.

Today we touched lives in Texas, Michigan, India, Dominican Republic, Kenya, Philippines, China, Charlottesville and the hinterlands. We will rest depending upon our God to watch over His children. 

Day is done. But the sun will rise and as surely as we live the Holy Spirit will guide us into the harvest tomorrow. He will put our feet in the path that leads to people waiting to hear encouragement from the Jesus who loves them.

Much love

Pastor Bare

Covenant Church