Man Makes Plans

Leadership conferences inherently assume strategies for administration and growth. It would be foolish for a leader not to have a plan.

Covenant has a plan. I did not retreat to a quiet place and return to herald the future of Covenant. Rather, Covenant's strategic plan has been carefully crafted.  It has included deliberate study of the Bible and prayer alongside counsel of elders, church leaders and the congregation. No one person's fingerprints have stamped the plan. Rather, we have diligently sought to be a New Testament congregation.

Much time was invested to pulse the congregation regarding characteristics that would mark us as being Holy Spirit directed. We call these characteristics "Covenant DNA". We hope that folks even visiting for one time witness and experience our DNA.

Recently, I was asked how long we have been in a building program. The answer was "Thirty-seven years." Three weeks after arriving in 1981 we broke ground for a new sanctuary. Remodeling, building and planning for remodeling and building has never ceased. 

But the buildings are not our greatest joy. The buildings excite us for the joy of how we can serve people.  

Darlene Bouch expressed it wonderfully yesterday as she walked through the upper level that will seat about 300, have a galley kitchen and an outside patio of 1320 square feet 16 feet in the air above the porte cache.  She said, "I am excited about all the different kinds of events we will enjoy in this new space," she shared with friends as she walked through the complex. Darlene's husband Tom, now with the Lord, spent uncountable lunch hours sitting in the parking lot and drafting plans for the current complex.

Tobey Bouch, Darlene's son, has been part of a team to help raise funds. The entire Bouch Family has been encouragers and givers.

Over the weekend we received a gift from a professor of Liberty University. He attended Covenant while in college and stays in touch.

This past Sunday we were blessed to have a number of new folks. 

Today elevator installers were busy. Wayne Duley and Walter Sabwa wired the last three units on the roof. Walter is returning to Kenya for immigration processing, which will be a huge blessing for Naomi, his wife, and their two girls. Walter was in pharmaceuticals in Kenya. 

Josh Bare painted. Jobin John and Prince Arvind, part of our pastoral staff and both highly educated, helped prepare for final coat of paint on steel columns. I joined them for a time. A Baptist pastor and his helper were busy grouting tile and preparing for laying more tile. Tyler Bare was here, there and everywhere finishing items. Modern Door workers installed the dividing partition on the top floor.

There is no slow day. There is no day in which everything gets done. People are in need. Thurman Henry, age 90, our senior elder was in the hospital. Alice, his wife, is in a care facility. Ann Zimmerman, also a founding member in 1952, is in a care facility. Loraine Williams is in home care. Tim Dumas is scheduled for additional surgery.

Our discipleship ministry is determined to enrich the lives of others. Life Groups are strong and growing. Children's ministry is having an exciting time in their new facilities. Family Life ministries is teaming with another church for a huge event at Tonsler Park for inner-city children on Saturday before Resurrection Sunday. Fine Arts is preparing for a special presentation Resurrection Sunday which includes our children. 

Laila and Chris Crawford are preparing our teens for national competition this summer in Cleveland, TN.

Our hearts burn with evangelism and discipleship. We do not follow fads, fashions or try to be the latest buzz. Our passion rests solely in love for people and a desire for them to know the Christ of Calvary!

Much love...

Pastor Bare

Philippians 3:10,11 That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death. If by any means I might attain unto the resurrection of the dead.

Covenant Church