The Mountain Top

Success is a double-edged sword. It either sharpens us for future battles, or pride dulls our senses and tarnishes our character.

Covenant Church is within reach of fulfilling a 23-year dream. In 1996 we moved into our present sanctuary. The intent was to join the two buildings together in the future.  

Architectural design and ecological issues were combined with many other factors that took years of planning, praying and preparation. Numerous major remodeling and expansion projects were completed to set the stage for the current project.

If this week happens as we plan and hope we should be within days of inspections. We will have accomplished a monumental feat. Renovation of existing facilities and adding about 14,000 additional square feet will provide a state-of-the art, centrally-located, energy-efficient, highly functional and beautiful building to serve our community and our congregation. 

Much of what I have written thus far in this letter is not news---just an update. What is news is the challenge that awaits us on the other side of the hill.

I am convinced that climbing a mountain has definitive challenges. The obvious is demanding. Grueling work. Logistics. Scheduling. Finances. Finding resources. Coordinating workers and keeping them motivated and happy---two different things but inseparable and essential. 

Climbing a mountain of construction for a congregation also includes maintaining unity, coordinating design, decorating, engaging volunteers and keeping the vision alive.

We have succeeded in all this to the present. We give thanks to God!

Now comes the frightful moment. The top of the mountain means there is life afterward. Will it be a smooth ride coasting into a valley? Will it be a plateau allowing us an opportunity to rest and develop strategy for the future? Or will we stand on the mountaintop and see another mountain just in front of us?

This I pray. That we will in the last steps of reaching the top put our ego aside, declare ourselves prepared for battle, i.e., in Old Testament language "gird up" and prepare for a divine mission! 

We have not aspired to reach the top of the mountain to boast or rest. We have dreamed of greater sacrifices, greater efforts and greater harvest. 

We are intensifying our efforts to "make" disciples, which is the command of Jesus. 

We pray for leaders. We pray that the buildings we have built may be gloriously filled with teaching, preaching and other ministries of every description. We long to see our building gloriously filled with works and worship that will please Our Lord, build his Church and bring honor to Christ.

Come with me. Let us link arms and boldly strive to the FINISH. Come with me and celebrate. Come with me and let us do gloriously for Our God!

Much love

Pastor Bare

Joshua 3:4 "We have not come this way before..." Mark 4:35 (Jesus) " Let us go over to the other side."

Covenant Church