The Road Ahead


Robert Frost, American poet, penned "...and miles to go before I sleep”.

Jesus admonished we should "work while it is day" (John 9:4).

With passion we are determined to maximize our efforts for Christ. When we dedicate ourselves to the cause of Christ we are divinely favored. 

Sunday after our awesome missions weekend, Laila and I left in a 16' Penske box truck for North Carolina.  

A few weeks ago we were in Gastonia, NC and visited a shop owned by a friend. He had seven chairs removed from a motel lobby. They were not beautiful but they were excellent structure. Laila saw refinish and new fabric. We picked them up last night. Total investment about $300 each. Cost in a store probably about $1500 each. The finished product is stunning.

As the sun was setting there was a blinding moment. Could have been a terrible accident, but God's grace prevented by inches a multiple vehicle collision! 

As I write this letter Laila and I are in a historic hotel in Black Mountain, NC. We will leave shortly and should be in Cleveland, TN before noon, i.e., a total of about 600 miles in 24 hours. We will pick up a final load of flooring materials (savings of thousands of dollars because of friends) and head home for some installation before Sunday. 

 This Sunday we will celebrate inspection approval of Children's Ministry, classrooms, tech room, storage rooms, new offices, etc., about 10,000 sf. DONE!

You will be invited to walk through. You will be given a permanent marker. We hope you will kneel on the concrete floor in what will be the new lobby and write your favorite scripture verse(s). This is Covenant tradition. Underneath tile and carpet are hundreds of scripture verses with names of writers.  We stand on the Word every time we worship at Covenant.

 Elephants can smell water miles away. In a sense we can smell FINISH! Not miles, but weeks away we can hope to see the elevator in and floors being installed. These are the two main items keeping us from FINISH! All other items wrap around these two.

Time will be controlled by money. How long will depend on us. We can speed FINISH with our investment in Kingdom work. It is our dream. We launched. We set sail. We believed this is the will of God. We saw in our minds and hearts what could be. Where there was dirt we saw souls. We had a vision for more powerful ministry to families, children, community and world missions. 

We decided that a season of sacrifice could make a difference for eternity. We decided as a Covenant family that generosity to our God would be a statement of our love and a bold declaration of sowing seed for a future harvest of souls.

 Ann Zimmerman will soon be 94 years old. She was one of the original 12 adults to begin Covenant Church in 1952. She is now in an elderly care facility. I recently visited with her and she said: "We dreamed, Pastor Bare, but it is bigger and better than what we dreamed!"

I am asking you to help us FINISH! On March 24, we will have a Blessing Offering.  Each of us will think how God has enriched our lives through His grace. We will celebrate Covenant Church's part in our walk with Jesus and the Covenant Family. 

Perhaps you have never attended Covenant Church. Yet, you receive this letter weekly and are blessed. Or, you have shared in our missions giving. Your life has been touched by ministries of Covenant Church. You may have attended and moved away. Or, you believe in God using Covenant Church for His ministry purposes. 

Would you consider a special gift to help us FINISH? You can mail your FINISH gift to: Covenant Church, 1025 Rio Road East, Charlottesville, VA 22901. If you wish to give electronically go to

On March 24 we will march to the front of the sanctuary with our offerings. There will be a Joash Offering Box. Cash, checks, watches, rings, gold, coins, silver, car title,..we will each search our hearts and prayerfully render to the Lord a "Thank You" offering for the blessing of Covenant Family!

Together we FINISH! Together we will celebrate! Together we will make ourselves an offering to God in gratitude for His Gift of Jesus Christ to us! 

Pray with me. If you receive this by email on Tuesday, it is likely Laila and I will be in a Penske truck on our way home! Pray for us. We are praying for you!

Much love

Pastor Bare

Philippians 4:4 Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.

Covenant Church