Grateful Hearts

October 27, after the Second Morning Worship Service heavenly food will be served in our lower parking lot. Filipinos will provide a menu of their cultural cuisine. Tables will be set up in the gymnasium. 


The Filipinos are Covenant Family. As before, profit from the sale of the food will be  given to the building fund. Previous occasions with the Filipino food truck have been a sell-out! I understand why and you will too when you enjoy the food.

Also on October 27 at 12:30 we are hosting a dinner for contractors and suppliers who have been wonderful to help us bring our construction to “Occupancy” and open doors of opportunity to new ministries. Allow me to share one story of working with a supplier. 

The steel company which supplied framework is owned by two Christian brothers. Their bid was very kind compared to other bids. We signed an agreement. In process of time, weather, technical delays and architectural modifications brought us to a difficult moment.

The steel was fabricated and ready to be shipped. We did not even have a place to store it on our property. Winter weather was challenging. The owners of the steel company moved the steel to the back of their lot for storage. More than three months passed. No fuss. No invoice. No added fees. 

They shared with Danny (our supervisor for construction): “We are Christian brothers. We care and want to see you finish the building.”


There have been many such stories. Some suppliers/contractors volunteered to do more work, not charge. Reduced their fees voluntarily. 


In the past few days I have personally contacted more than forty contractors/suppliers and invited them the luncheon on October 27. The response has been overwhelming. More than 90% have expressed with excitement their desire to be present. 


Conversations have unfolded. Friendships been formed. One contractor indicated he plans to regularly attend Covenant Church in the future.

I have known Darren Lynch, Lynch Roofing, for several years. His company has been very gracious. I shared with him my joy about the response from contractors/suppliers. He said: “Pastor Bare, contractors are not usually invited back for dinner and appreciated!”


October 27, we will appreciate. We will bless. We will celebrate. 


At 2 PM there will be tours, refreshments and a special musical presentation in the main sanctuary. Pastor Jerry Steele, Tim and Tammy Sersen, Bobby Crickenberger and his daughter Trinity, our Filipino choir and others will share. 


At 3 PM the celebratory service will begin with a worship song featuring different languages presenting a picture of who we are.  There will be special seating for visiting ministers, the families of our founding pastor Dr. S.H. Landreth and original members, and our contractors/suppliers.


We will be blessed to have home with us numerous persons in various ministries whose roots are part of our heritage. We have promises of Covenant Family and friends returning from significant distances to celebrate this august occasion! Administrative Bishop Joe Mirkovich and Betty, his wife, will be with us.

My hope is that you will plan to be present. My hope is that you will write a note, a card, an email ( of your experience and blessing of being part of the Covenant Family.  We will with discretion post these notes for others to share the joy!


Even as I write this letter two Covenant teams are meeting on this Monday night to develop strategy for ministry in months and years to come! We are joyfully surrendering our labors and giving for construction to invest more powerfully in missions, evangelism, discipleship, prayer and building strong Christian families.

Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for being Covenant Family. Thank you for planning to be present at this special event so our visitors can see just how beautiful you are as a Christian family and how God has blessed us!


Much love

Pastor Bare
Ezra 8:5,6

Covenant Church