Road Signs

Road signs face oncoming traffic. Have you ever seen a sign that warned of curves, animal crossings, speed zones or intersections that were behind you?

The mileage on the signs indicates miles to get to places in front of you, not the number of miles from places behind you. Ask SIRI for your favorite restaurant or motel. It will likely tell you what is in front of you.

I have traveled in places that had few or no road signs. No GPS. No maps. No street signs. In fact there are countries that have no effective mail delivery because they do not have street addresses. It is confusing, frustrating, time-consuming. You are likely to end up in places you did not intend to be.

Signs are important.

Last Saturday we paused the Elders’ meeting to tour the new and remodeled facilities. As we toured we had prayer with a Hispanic lady from Harrisonburg. She heard about Covenant from workers and came to give a day of volunteering to clean.

The progress of the work is astonishing. The scope of the work is astounding. The excitement is without measure.

One elder remarked: “Will I need a map to get around the complex?”

The answer is “No”. Every door, room, sink, etc., will be numbered and computerized. The building will be USER FRIENDLY.

You will be excited when you come to worship this week. Doors hung with hardware, ceilings in, paint progressing, etc. It is remarkable.

Yes, we are still fundraising.

But ROAD SIGNS is the theme of this letter.

As I walk through the complex I imagine signs in front of me. Signs that read what is just ahead:
•Room for Bible study.
•Room for Life Group meeting.
•Patio for receptions.
•Lobby for fellowship.
•Nursery…secured and state-of-the-art.
•Wonderful classrooms for youth.
•Strategic maintenance closet to store and facilitate care of total complex.
•Large lobby for fellowship.

What signs do you see?

Just weeks and months ahead signs speak of new ministries. New members. New outreaches to community.

Already we serve:
•The Pregnancy Center
•Fellowship of Christian Athletes
•State-wide Annual Prayer Gathering (this past Saturday)
•Sister churches for funerals and weddings
•Our neighborhood community meetings.
•Christian home-school groups.

Signs speak of greater opportunities. A $24 million community center behind Covenant is under construction. They have talked with Covenant leaders about partnering in events.

The miles pass rapidly beneath our feet. The trip has been long. We have been traveling 22 years dreaming of this moment. Our dream is coming true! We will enjoy arrival. We will celebrate. We will serve.

Thurman Henry is ninety years old. He is our longest serving Elder Emeritus. He and eleven other adults founded Covenant Church in 1952. He is in the hospital with a health issue. In Intensive Care he looked up at me and said: “FINISH the building.”

My hope is to see Thurman Henry cut the ribbon!

So the miles before us must be run with resolve. No time to go to sleep, get weary, get discouraged, or take a break. Too close. SOON!

Can you read the signs? Remember they are giving us directions and distances to destinations in front of us. Past is past.

The Apostle Paul spoke of running the race with patience. This too we must do. Patience.

Thus, we resolve:
•To walk in unity.
•To pray more.
•To be alert.
•To be generous.

I ask you, Dear Reader, are you being prayerful about your part to insure that we maximize the gift that God has given to us? Are you praying about how you will invest of your talents and gifts to serve the church body and glorify God?

Are you reading the signs and making changes for the path ahead?

Much love,
Pastor Bare

Jason Luber