The best way to get connected at Covenant Church is by joining one of our Life Groups. 

What is a Life Group?

A Life Group is 4-20 people meeting at a leader's home or the church building on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis to share food, fellowship, Bible study and prayer. Life Groups exist to accomplish two vital goals of the church. First, to edify believers by connecting them on a more intimate level and helping them to become more like Jesus. Second, to evangelize by offering another venue beyond the Sunday morning service to help people get acquainted with Covenant Church and what it means to be a follower of Christ.

Is there childcare?

Each group decides how to handle childcare in the most appropriate way for their group. At Covenant Church we strongly encourage Life Groups to include children in the group time. 

What do Life Groups study?

Each Life Group has a structured study that revolves around God's Word. Examples include:

  • A chapter-by-chapter study of one book of the Bible

  • Sermons or sermon series by respected teachers/preachers

  • A Bible based Christian book

  • A Bible based interactive video series

What happens in a Life Group?

 When you attend a Life Group you can expect a warm time of fellowship, food, Bible study, and prayer. Life Groups are open to Christians and those seeking to know more about Jesus and His message. Long-term trust and relationships are nurtured and loving support and accountability are cultivated as we follow Jesus together. 

Who attends Life Groups?

Life Groups contain both singles and married couples across a variety of generations, ethnicities, and socio-economics. Covenant Church encourages this mixture so that singles can experience healthy, Christ-like examples of real married life. It also presents an opportunity for married couples to support and understand the challenges of a single lifestyle. 

How do I join a Life Group? 

It's easy! Use the button below and notify a Life Group leader of your interest in a group.