Philosophers study human nature in the context of civilization, reflecting on history and intuitively observing what will be the rational ends of certain individual and group behaviors in the context of civilization. Philosophy, to be legitimate, must incorporate where man came from, why he is here and what will be the end or summation of humanity and society, or it is not holistic. In effect, it is not philosophy but an opinion.
For the Christian, we believe God made us. We are here as servants of God to live our lives in brotherhood to God's glory and to prepare to spend eternity with God. 
During World War II General Dwight D. Eisenhower of the U.S. Army was greatly impressed by Germany's autobahn. An entire army could be moved hundreds of miles between darkness and daylight. Much of the autobahn has only recommended speed limits. One of the frightful experiences of my life as a missionary was being driven on the autobahn at over 100 mph. 
Traveling life's road the hope would be for a smooth ride at whatever speed one wished to drive. However, this is not the reality of our existence.
Life is not an autobahn. It is a smooth and beautiful road at times, but at other times it is bumpy, with pot holes, sudden turns, harsh speed zones, accidents, and exposed to the vicissitudes of the weather.
While I write Tim Dumas who is a faithful parishioner is being taken to surgery that is serious and life threatening. 
While I write the Fewell Family is suffering the loss of a husband and father. Brother Fewell, his wife, and children were part of Covenant Church when it began in a rented grocery store room in 1952. They are faithful and wonderful people.
While I write, Kathy Clark is recovering from hip surgery and a fractured wrist resulting from a fall.
Today we had rain...much rain. A leak here and there. With the construction we have mud and water in places we would prefer not.
Ernie and Ellie are in the Philippines on a missionary trip to visit our congregation in Lemery, Batangas. They are spending precious time with Pastors Bobby and Vivian Gabiertan and the growing congregation that has planted 6 other churches, has Bible classes in high schools, police stations and jails, and hosts events for other denominations at the sanctuary complex.
Richard Prins is getting on a plane in India returning home after almost two weeks of missionary work.
We are preparing for our World Mission Conference, March 3rd-5th, which is one of the most significant events of our calendar year.
This Sunday we charter Valley Covenant Church, maintaining cooperation and partnership, yet granting them full responsibility for their own vision.
We are waiting for a truckload of 4,150 wool blankets to arrive to distribute in central Virginia to persons less fortunate and homeless.
We are preparing to ship a 40-foot cargo container to Honduras for missions.
In these times when winds of social unrest are blowing fiercely we get on our knees every Sunday and in humility ask God to see us as ONE. We pray that our hearts may be Kingdom driven. We pray that our mission may be ever holy and focused on doing that which pleases Our Lord. We pray that our hearts may be compassionate to the poor and distressed. We pray for Andrew-hearts to lead people to Jesus. We pray that Covenant may be a living example of a godly congregation grounded in truth and righteousness.
Though the road is not always smooth, we travel on. We travel together. We face the storms together. We are not naive to expect a smooth road and a gentle ride every mile of the way home, yet we are undaunted, joyful and full of praise to God!
We celebrate together. We live in hope of His coming, knowing that one day we shall stand before him and give an account. We plan to be in the Church Christ said he will come for in Ephesians 5, I Thessalonians 4 and I Corinthians 15. And until He comes we will labor for His Kingdom!
Much Love,
Pastor Bare