It is Monday before Christmas.

How do I communicate with you the passion that is in my heart. I am humbled and grateful for the good things that God is doing in our Covenant Family.

Beginning to write this letter I received news that Lauren and Lyndsey Dunn arrived home from the hospital with their twins, a boy and a girl. Ten years of waiting and God double-blessed them! Anxious days are behind them with the children in isolation in the hospital and them staying in a motel nearby. Ten years waiting for sounds of newborn joy to fill their hearts and home this Christmas Eve. We are so happy for them!

Katrina Strickland had open-heart surgery at the University of Virginia. Successful! Without the surgery, her life was limited with little hope. We Praise the Lord!  She has been released from the hospital.

Patsy Parks is home recovering from her 3rd surgery in less than a year--this one promises to relieve her former pain.  She was able to help distribute the stockings for our refugees in church Sunday--a task she has headed up for years.

Rose Williams was also able to be in church for all the activities on Sunday.  She had been out for weeks [a first for her] with a fractured back.  Praise God for his healing touch!

Jamey Crawford's mom, Donito Romanello, had surgery at UVA. However, the surgery was stopped because of a challenge. She looked at me and said, "Pastor, the medical challenge is okay. I am prepared to be with Jesus. Just pray that while I am here in the hospital the Lord will send someone by for me to tell them about Jesus." She bubbles with the joy of the Lord!

Three cantata performances this past weekend. Incredible presentations with a spirit of worship. God must be smiling. Our Fine Arts Department excelled. Too many to mention, but grateful to all. Excellent attendance from the community.

Laila and I celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary on Sunday evening with about 400 present for the ceremony and 300+ for the meal and sharing time with friends! We hope to take 13 days, leaving Christmas Day.

Here is an invitation. If you have no family or your family is far away, Pastor Bare and Laila invite you to join them for dinner after 2nd service this Christmas Sunday. We will meet in the OT Cafe downstairs (someone will guide you from the main lobby). Bring a dish of food if you can, but if not, please join us anyway. We will bring extra. Make Christmas special by sharing it with others. Celebrate with your Covenant family!

We look forward to celebrating with you in worship on Christmas Day. The first service will be 9 AM. The second service will be 10:45 AM.  WHAT BETTER DAY TO BE IN CHURCH than CHRISTMAS—the time of celebration of the birth of our Lord, Jesus!!!

Much love,

Pastor Bare

Matthew 1:21