What We Sow We Reap

My fingers are seeking keys on this computer board. Our printer is down. April says we must send the printing to Staples. The weekend was terrific. Laila and I had the privilege of time with other ministers and our state bishop this past Friday. We thank God for unity among the brethren of about 180 churches across Virginia.

Sunday was a wonderful day of worship. We continue to get on our knees for prayer during Sunday AM worship. Standing in the pulpit and watching men, women, and children bowing in prayer is an awesome and humbling sight. The corporate recognition of our common salvation because of Jesus Christ's death on Calvary bind's us together as family. Our cause for Christ is greater than our differences.

We come from many cultures, countries, and creeds. Yet, our paths meet at Calvary.  While we remain distinctive by ethnicity there is harmony as the Holy Spirit makes us one.

Sunday evening Laila and I hosted the pastoral staff to our home. Laila, Josh and I ate a quick lunch and intensely prepared for guests to arrive around 5:00 PM. Donna Baumgardner and Regina Rae were in the missionary cottage wrapping presents. Four missionaries from Russia arrived as the pastoral staff arrived.

Things do not always go according to plan. There was plenty of food for everyone.

Later we gathered the pastoral staff for a time of fellowship and fun. You do not need to be too creative with the staff folks. Their chemistry just bubbles laughter. I am so glad they like each other.

Timfullsizerender-2e with missionaries has been precious. It is the first time that the Bishop of the Church of God in the Moscow region has been to the U.S. I took off Monday from office duties to share with the missionaries and tour them to the University of Virginia and other interesting places in our community. We arrived at the church about 4:30 PM and drove around to the construction site.

Years of planning are maturing to fruition as we watch steel beams being erected. This will give us a wonderful North Annex lobby with restroom, and another upstairs classroom / restroom! Thus far the weather is serving us well. We are grateful.

Our plans for the Christmas cantata on December 17th and 18th are in full preparation. At 4:00 PM Sunday, December 18th, Laila and I will  have a celebration ceremony of our 50th Wedding Anniversary!

There is never a dull moment. I cannot complain about all the happenings and excitement. We sowed. We are reaping what we sowed, which is what we planned!

Much Love,

Pastor Bare

Matthew 16:17-19