Knees on the Floor...Feet Out The Door...Hands Extended

Fancy, talk, talk...
Have you ever been to a fish pond and thrown bread crumbs out over the water? You did not see any fish until the crumbs hit the water. Suddenly there is a whole school of fish swallowing the crumbs. They did not stop to investigate whether the bread crumbs were moldy or even artificial. 
The media feeds the pond of humanity with psychologists and social activists programming the minds of viewers and listeners. There is no sense of knowing truth from error. No sense of balance. No sense of the totality of what is happening in our world that has implications for our future.
In 1996 I was in Indonesia. After about a week I was desperate for news of America. It was surprising to me that the United States was not in the newspapers. Not part of the culture. Not on TV. Not part of the daily conversation of Indonesians. Australia was the center of the universe for Indonesians. Australia was where they went for vacations. Australia was where they continued graduate school. I had been inclined and trained to think the whole world began its day with news about America. I had assumed that America would be on the front page of every newspaper in Indonesia. 
I realized I had been duped. Media moguls in the U.S. had indoctrinated me.
It is morning as I write to you. There are a billion people in Africa. One billion! Ask yourself how long you could talk about Africa and sound intelligent? How many countries are there in Africa? How many dialects? How many wars? Who has conquered and ruled in Africa? What are the major languages of Africa? What natural resources needed for America's technology come only from Africa? What are the dominant religions of Africa? Is Voodoo practiced in Africa? 
Africa has three times more people than the United States. Yet, we have silly talk shows, soap operas and TV series that diminish intellect and leave us ignorant of our world.
Even in Charlottesville we only get the news that OTHERS deem important. We do not hear about the homeless, needy, frightened and suicidal.  We do not get the monthly tally of abortions, hear how many people have been diagnosed with AIDS, or hear the cost of treating alcoholics and drug addicts. We want the pretty, the exciting, the feel-good. We want to feel special. We want to think we deserve. We believe everything is going to be all right. We will get a paycheck and be able to have a nice weekend to do things we want to do.
Where is God in the mix? Where are the updates that every two minutes a Christian is being martyred? Who tells about the revival in China that many believe has reaped a harvest of more than 100,000,000 souls with thousands coming to Christ every day? Who tells us that Indonesia, the Muslim kingdom of the world, may be at least 30% Christian...and that the largest Christian Church in the world is in Indonesia? Who tells us about reports of people being raised from the dead? Who tells us that missionaries are not asking us to pray for their safety, but that they will be more bold to witness in the face of death? 
We were born for this time. God ordained our lives for this time. He has called us for this time. This is our day to stand and declare war against hell. This is our day to bend our knees in prayer, put our feet out the door and extend our hands in mercy with grace.
May we "Stand Fast, Stand Together, and Stay Calm" (last Sunday's Sermon) as we go "Onward In The Power of the Spirit" (next Sunday's sermon). 
Let us be sure that our knowledge of God's world fills our hearts daily with the news of heaven that God is on His throne. Let us be sure that we get our knees to the floor, our feet out the door, and our hands extended to touch the world with the touch of Jesus.
Last Sunday you answered the call to duty. Financial gifts were made. Folks brought coats and clothes. Folks bought rice and groceries. Representatives of four families spent time with two Syrian families sharing gifts and praying with them. Oh, the reward of smiles! Hungry and frightened Muslims know the power of love from those who love Jesus! Others are joining the team to minister. This is the Christ method of love.
Pastor Bare
Matthew 28:18-20