Game Is Up

Quiet time on a Saturday evening. Home sitting on our front porch looking out at God's awesome creation. No noise but the click of the keys on the typewriter and listening to birds chirp. 
I am thinking. Thinking with prayer. Thinking with a burden. Asking God to allow me to be a vessel for his glory. Asking God to allow me to be a "Watchman" that looks for danger to alert people of danger. Asking God to allow me to serve as a pastor in these momentous times with the Holy Spirit moving powerfully while the hurricane winds of hell seek to blow souls into hell.
Covenant is a Body of believers. We have never run after personalities, nor followed fads and fashions. We have not tried to emulate hyped and charismatic figures who have been glamorous on the stage for a season. We have never had to apologize for teaching false doctrine or participating in events that were worldly.
The growth of Covenant has been gradual. We are not a product of groups of discontented people coming from other churches. We have not used gimmicks or popular attractions to get people in the doors. We have solid Biblical preaching and teaching. We have music that exalts Christ. We have strong discipleship programs for adults and children. We are continuing to develop Life Groups. Mission outreach to the community and to the ends of the earth (Matthew 28:18-20) move forward.
Thru the years Covenant has progressed to become respected by the larger community. It is not unusual for community fathers and leaders to request that Covenant partner in humanitarian or rescue efforts. Particularly our work with the homeless and refugees has been recognized as strong in leadership and generosity.
Our base is solid. We are one. We stand in unity with other believers who are Biblically grounded, Christ-centered, Spirit-filled and mission-driven.
Yet, I must hasten to say that there is a shaking in our world that will challenge the strongest local church. Covenant will not be exempt from the winds that blow. 
Our government yet continues to believe that a woman has a right to do what she wants to with her body or a baby. More than 60,000,000 babies have now been aborted. This is a clear violation of God's laws. Part of the reason for the need of legal and illegal immigrants to America is the shortage of labor created by aborting our babies. 
Now comes the transgender rules for restroom use, etc., and possibly hate laws for anyone speaking publicly against gay, lesbian or transsexual lifestyles. This trending by an Executive Order is consistent with other countries that forbid a minister of the gospel to speak on radio, TV, or even from the pulpit against "alternative" lifestyles upon possible penalty of imprisonment. 
Not so subtle is the current move by the U.S. government to give control of the internet to an international body. This means in practical terms that churches and ministries would be subject to an international body regulating, controlling and having the privilege of "spying" on all communications. This is frightening for our national security and for the freedom of the Church to use the internet for evangelism and discipleship. I cannot imagine a more powerful move towards the Kingdom of the anti-christ than international control over the internet.
We wait for a major terrorist attack on U.S. soil...hoping it will not come.
We listen to soft words about how Islam is a peaceful religion.
We see what Islam does where it is the dominant religion.
We shudder when we see how Islam has taken control of Dearborn, Michigan, and other efforts for Sharia law to be practiced in the U.S.
We are witnessing Iran boasting about its deceit of a treaty with the U.S., China literally building islands and fortifying them as an arsenal, and Russia demonstrating aggression not seen since the Cold War.
This I think will happen:
We will redefine "terrorist" to be any one or persons who commit random acts of violence with the intent of killing or injuring as many people as possible.
We will bring back the death penalty in a stronger way and more public  (read in Revelations what the anti-christ will do with those who do not cooperate with his diabolical plans).
We will see the river of evangelicals divide with greater clarity. Those who insist on preaching a shallow gospel of prosperity and granting flesh liberties in lieu of holiness will make known their disgust for those who choose to live a life of purity, take up their cross and follow Jesus.
We will see the government increasingly imposing restrictions upon churches, financially and with codes, having the consequence of closing many churches.
We will see government impose stronger rules on the use of public buildings by religious bodies.
I write with a sober spirit, not to alarm, but to call saints to humility, to prayer and unity. We have to be concerned that money and pleasure have become gods even to many who call themselves "Christian". They have beautiful homes, nice cars, take luxury vacations and wear name brand clothes, but do not tithe or give to missions. They live in a selfish world pretending God owes them. Sundays are too often treated as a casual time to satisfy personal whims or get chores done.
May I appeal to you that we revisit the altar where were met Jesus, confessed our sins, took up our cross and agreed to die for Our Lord. 
The game is over. 
It is war!
Pastor Bare,
Matthew 24:35ff