The Great Debate

More people watched the first presidential candidate debate than any other similar event in history. Two very different candidates, each of them proffering to take America into a new future. Each promising to end the war with ISIS, get our economy on track, heal divisions in our society, improve education, make America fiscally healthy, resolve an illegal immigrant crisis, protect us from our enemies, ad infinitum.
Hidden in the agenda is the probability the winner may have the opportunity to replace four Supreme Court justices. Since the Supreme Court is no longer an impartial judicial body but has become politically active now voting based upon their personal political and social beliefs, the new appointees will determine the moral direction of America for the coming generation(s) - should Jesus tarry.
I yet insist that God is not finished. I am persuaded that there will be a "God event" prior to November 8th that will be decisive. What the event will be I do not know. But the Sovereign God who sits upon the throne of eternity is not nervous and not a verse of prophecy will have to be rewritten.
Allow me to share with you about a greater debate that is happening. There is a war in the heavens. Satan, who is the Father of Liars, is purposed that he will yet dethrone God. In my book, Hell Is War (2000), a position is taken that Satan being the devil and evil to the core can lie 1,000 times and still be the devil. If God who is Truth lies only one time, He is no longer God. Holiness cannot be spotted with sin and be holy.
Satan's strategy is to press God to one deed of evil...just one. If God just sinned one time. For example, Jesus said he "came to seek and to save" (John 3:16) and would die on a cross, shed his blood to atone for the sins of man and provide a path to redemption. Satan used many strategies to try and prevent Jesus’ getting to the cross, e.g:
1.  Ruin Mary's reputation and leave her as damaged goods.
2.  Have Jesus killed by King Herod.
3.  Have Jesus' family take Him home as a mentally ill person and lock him up.
4.  Have a crowd push Jesus over a cliff.
5.  Have Him die in a sinking boat during a storm.
6.  Have Him die by the cat-of-nine-tails beating.
7.  Have Him die with a broken leg and spear in His side.
8.  Then there was the attempt to prevent His resurrection.
The Great Debate that is currently happening is the continuing war that Satan hopes to win, dethrone God, and become Lord of the universe. If Satan can dethrone God then his sentence would be abated. He would be freed from his curse. He would be able to liberate his angels of war who are confined in darkness. There would be no Judgment Day. There would be no heaven. There would be only the darkness of sin ruling forever. 
The Great Debate of the Ages includes each person’s being a warrior. Every person alive is on one side or the other. Every person is a follower of Jesus or a follower of Satan. 
Jesus argues in the Great Debate for our freedom. He wants to redeem, make men and women as His brothers and sisters, have them live in the light, have them full of joy, have them as worshippers of the True God and servants who are ambassadors of heaven to tell a fallen world of the redemptive Christ - that sin can be conquered. Joyful living is the inheritance of those who follow Christ.
Satan sees humans as trash, pawns, filth for his hell. In his anger against God, he seeks pain for man, God's greatest creation. Man in the agony of sin violates heaven's provision of redemption. Satan looks at man as nothing more than a pawn on a chessboard. He will sacrifice every human being if he can find fault with God. Every human in hell would be nothing more than a truckload of junk to Satan. 
The debate rages. God is arguing for you. He has provided prophets and preachers, the Bible, the history of the Church, the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross, the Resurrection and promise of Jesus' return. 
Satan promises pleasures in the present world with an eternity of hellish misery in darkness.
Back to the Presidential Debate -  you will only have one vote to help determine the winner. The majority will win.
As for the eternal debate - will God win the debate for your soul, or will Satan? Your soul is one vote and you are the vote that will determine your eternity.
Your decision. If you choose Jesus, whom will you tell and where will you share your joy of salvation?
Much Love, 
Pastor Bare
John 3:16;17