The Lord Knows The Way

We launch into the future. Corporately we do things together that we cannot do by ourselves. We are the BODY, His Body. We bring our separate labors together to invest in the Kingdom of Our Lord. A lot of humble folks doing their faithful part moves mountains!

Gas pipes were re-routed last week to accommodate new AC units for our new North Annex. With the Gym AC limping toward its demise, the barely used 30 ton unit for the NT area will replace the gym unit. This is a savings of about $15,000.

Blueprints for steel are in review by architectural and structural engineers.

New sound equipment is in and engineers are preparing for installation.

We are steadily improving video production and will soon have a new remote controlled camera installed and operational. It is delightful that some very bright teenagers are becoming part of the sound/video production.

Bible classes on Sunday, 9:45 AM, are well attended. We believe and practice discipleship. If we do not know where we are going, we will not know when we get there.

The Grief Recovery group which met on Wednesday nights in July and August has experienced real breakthroughs.

DivorceCare will be offered on Wednesday nights in September and October. What a wonderful opportunity we have to encourage friends who have suffered through divorce or separation to attend.

The Back-to-School Lock-in for high schoolers was an awesome event! A powerful worship time! Souls were saved!

We are mindful that this is a season of harvest. New folks are coming to town. Students are returning to PVCC and UVA. Professionals and soldiers are coming to Charlottesville. Hundreds of foreign students are arriving in Charlottesville for the first time.

It is our time. Our time to fulfill the Great Commission in our Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. Our time to as a Body to go and send resources to missionaries to the uttermost.

Choose to make a difference. Earl and Betsy Wynn and Donna, their daughter - were among 17 persons to welcome us to our first pastorate. It seemed like a hopeless situation. Earl and Betsy had helped hold a few people together without a pastor. They had faith. Laila and I arrived to serve the church for a little more than five years. We remodeled, built, purchased land and relocated. Earl lived to be 88 and witnessed the congregation again sell and relocate. He lived to see more than 400 people arriving for worship each Sunday. Last week he went to be with Jesus. Great will be his reward.

Big talk comes easy. Tough walking is the real stuff of heroes. It is a good thing to be faithful over a little and wait on God to produce the harvest.

Our journey is both individual and corporate. Individually each of us must decide whether our pride insists on personal attention and being applauded by others. Or do we humbly serve and allow God to receive the glory?

Let us pray for one another. Love one another. Forgive one another. For we know from the very words of Jesus that if we do not love one another the world will not believe that we love Jesus (I John).

See you Sunday as Laila and I experience our first Sunday of the 36th year serving you!

Onward! Pastor Bare Matthew 28:18-28