Where Are We? Where Are We Going? What Shall We Do?

Where Are We? Where Are We Going? What Shall We Do? My firm conviction is that God will put his hand into the affairs 
of our nation before November 4. I do not speak this in terms of judgment, but in the firm belief that God will alter the course of events in a dramatic way that will affect the future of America.

He is God. He does not sleep. Prophecy will not be altered by events of men. Politics and governments will not necessitate a rewriting of the Bible.

During this season the devil is tempting folks to live by their opinions and feelings. This is a dangerous strategy that will lead to damnation.

Talk shows and social media feed the ego of individuals who 
love to hear themselves talk. They speak of things they do not know. There is no depth of wisdom, no knowledge and no mature experience. Scriptural knowledge is not employed. Relationships are tentative, tendered against self-interest and ego. Pleasure is a god that gets more money than the God of heaven.

It is deeply painful that I have heard of politics dividing friendships that have survived decades of challenges. 
This is not the will of God.

When divisive politics comes to church the message of Christ 
is skewed, warped, twisted and false doctrine enters the church doors. God's heart is grieved. Even worse, concern about lost souls becomes a social agenda.

In the public arena, liberals are demanding rights for eachIt seems to me that the prophecy of the antichrist makes clear that the death penalty will be used unmercifully and in mass proportion. 
I am convinced that the current level of violence in the world will demand that governments bring back a more summary means of execution of criminals. This is not a demand by God. But when the public begins to live in fear the idea of putting murderers in air-conditioned prisons with a TV and 3 hot meals per day will not placate a terrified public.

How shall the Church deal with this rise in fear and terror? Where 
is the Church in a world of politics that lacks sanity? How shall 
the Church deal with a public that has lost respect for the sacred, detoured from paths of righteousness and denied the Holy One?

We must remember that our mission is clear. We are to preach the gospel, baptize and make disciples. We are to settle differences by scriptural principles. We are to refrain from being associated with worldly attitudes and behaviors.

We are to live such that sinners see Christ in us.

This is our mission. It is the Church's mission. Thus, we protect our testimony and character in order that we may live in favor with God and man.

We cannot afford to fail. We will not!

Much Love, Pastor Bare

Proverbs 11:30b "...and he that winneth souls is wise."