Friday and Sunday Are Coming

Your pastoral staff works diligently. Every weekwe analyze, organize and ambition ministry that fulfills current needs and envisions the future.

This week we had an intervention. Folks came - lots of them - driving, walking and bicycling - to move around in our parking lot. The new game Pokemon Go has people searching to find Pokemon creatures. Covenant's parking lot was one of the designated points.  Who put us on Pokemon Go, I have no idea.

We countered by putting on the church sign "Looking for something? - Find Jesus here". Wednesday a teenager came to church because one of our youth met her in the parking lot and invited her.

The week has included other activities. R.E. Boggs, HVAC, has been in the process of removing old duct work and is installing two new furnaces. This will allow us to move the big external unit down beside gym; thus, making way for our new back entrance. (Photo to the Right).  When we begin to build the new front addition, the back entrance must be enlarged to be used as a lobby.

Folks have been bringing items for West Virginia to assist families who have lost everything. HELPING HANDS out of Richmond is partnering with us. They will come through and take items to West Virginia. Primarily towels, wash clothes and paper products. Kitchen pots and pans and utensils are welcomed.

The week included heartbreaking news of the terrorist attack in France and the attempted coup in Turkey.

We have received news from New Covenant Church (our congregation) in Juba, the Republic of Southern Sudan, that hundreds of people have been killed in gun battles in the last few days. Our congregation has been spared. However, about 200 church members are desperate for food. We wired $800 this past Friday to help with food.

Final paperwork is off to Uganda to invite Pastor Andrew Kakeero to be with us for our annual 2017 Mission Conference, scheduled in March 2017.

Final paperwork is off to the U.S. Embassy in Malaysia to request that Rev. Sarah Seng and her family be granted permission to join us here in Charlottesville. Sarah, M.Div., is a credentialed minister and pastors a Burmese congregation. She would assume leadership of our Burmese congregation in Charlottesville.

Final paperwork is off to Myanmar to invite Lal Than Sanga to our 2017 Mission Conference. Rev. Sanga would be visiting and bringing to us fresh stories of missionary work in one of the most politically oppressive areas of his native country.

Javaris and April Wright, Dana and Angie Carrier, and Laila and I are in Nashville this week for the bi-annual international church business meeting. We will return homeon Saturday and look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Monday, July 25, 2016, I leave for Honduras for 5 days of consulting work with a ministry of over 200 churches and a Christian School. My academic career and time of serving as a Superintendent of a prep school are resources for this wonderful ministry. Tony Whitehead and his Family have generously taken this ministry to heart. They are determined to see young lives changed through Christian education. The Whitehead’s graciously covered my expenses for the trip.

We signed the contract to order steel for the North Annex. By the time HVAC work is done and underground wiring is completed, we will anticipate ground-breaking.

After morning devotions I visited UVA hospital. Michael Buzminsky is a Church of God brother from West Virginia. He was an electrician assisting with the aftermath of the flooding. Faulty wiring caused an explosion that severely burned his face, hands, arms, and legs. After being blinded for about 5 minutes, his eyes were spared by the mercies of the Lord. He was flown to UVA as a "miracle to be alive".  This week doctors removed the casts and wraps off of his arms. As they were working, he told them: "Doctors, you are going to be amazed when you take the wraps off. Jesus has been working on me. You will see a miracle!"

The doctors were astounded. His face is healing without skin grafts, and it appears he will have the skin of a young man! (Photo to the Right).

While they were removing the wraps he was praising the Lord, thanking Jesus. One of the nurses commented: "Sure is refreshing to hear that kind of language while we are doing this."  You can just imagine what they normally hear during this process.

Now it is Monday—Yesterday’s services were wonderful.  Water baptism was celebrated so beautifully.  After the sermon, people crowded the altar for a prolonged period of petition and praise.

Sundays are the best day of the week. I love Sundays. I love bringing to Jesus all the dreams, hopes and tasks of the week and making them an offering of love and praise. I love singing, praying and fellowshipping. I love when the Holy Spirit melts us into a unified Body glorifying Jesus.

This Sunday we will host Danesh and Rachel Chand and their four children. They are choice missionaries, beautiful people.

Know that your pastoral staff loves you. We are united. Our doors and hearts are open. You are welcome. If you have wandered around, come home. Our arms are open.

Much Love, Pastor Bare Philippians 4:8