A Timeless God-Made Man

Perhaps you remember the Christmas when a kinetic energy toy was new and very popular. Five silver balls were suspended from a frame. Each of them had the possibility of swinging 180 degrees. In a rested position and side by side the object was to pull an end one 90 degrees and release it.  As it struck the one next to it, energy passes through the middle balls and the end ball would move outward without the middle ones moving at all. The force of the metal balls striking each other would continue for a long while. It was a demonstration of kinetic energy, suggesting that energy could be created perpetually.

God created man. He intended for Adam to still be around today. Adam's energy would have come from daily association with God and being obedient to the commands of God.

Sin intervened. Death contravened. 

God intervened and sent Jesus. The soul He breathed into His creation is valued by the Creator as more precious than the whole world. To reclaim that which belongs to Him Jesus paid the price of Calvary. He died for our sins. He was buried. He arose victorious over death and hell. 

Man now lives by a clock that ticks away second by second to a time when it will stop. In the mortal realm we live with the sober fact that this body of clay is on a clock. We cannot exert kinetic energy for perpetual motion. We cannot will ourselves to live eternally. 

There are people who have secured monies to keep their dead bodies frozen in hopes of a future cure for the disease that led toothier death. Their bodies are secured in sub-zero freezers waiting a future time to be brought back to life with the hope of living again. It is called cryonics.

For those who believe in God we know that this present body is terminal. We live with mortality. Humanity suffers the curse of sin. 

But because of Christ we have been forgiven our sin. We are redeemed. We have hope for life eternal. Not kinetic energy hope that will leave us in a fallen world with sickness, pain, accidents, tragedies, epidemics, poverty, wars, etc. Our hope is in the return of Jesus for His Church, those who have denied themselves, taken up their cross and followed Jesus.

What then shall we do with 2019? We should live it fully as if it could be our last year in this mortal body. We should live it in the power of the Holy Spirit. We should celebrate life in Christ with joy. 

While we do not believe in kinetic energy being eternal, we do believe that as our lives touch other people with the love of Christ there is an energy exuded that creates an unending missionary force. We sow seeds in our generation that will yield a harvest of souls in generations after our clock has stopped ticking.

Only one life Will soon be past... Only what is done For Christ will last!

These words were on plaques that hung on walls of many homes when I was a child. It is a truism that should be hung on the door of our heart.

As our Covenant family steps into 2019 we do it boldly in faith believing, being, Holy- Spirit driven. With one heart we will celebrate Christ and encourage each other to live the Christ-life fully. We will share Jesus wherever we go. We think and do in the Spirit of the Christ who has given us eternal life!

Onward to a bold 2019! Pastor Bare