Giving Praise

Sunday came. Awesome day. Nicole McCready and Lydie Omesiete are to be commended for excellent leadership. The Christmas cantata was inspiring!  The social time between the two services accomplished the objective: Folks  connected! Friendships formed! Folks learned about how to engage in ministry!   Laila and I arrived home after second service. Ate a quick lunch. Took a short nap. Then we prepared for an INVITE event beginning 4 PM. Folks came. Korean. Nigerian. Pakistani. Indian. Chinese. Italian. Greek, Burmese...and the rest of us---total about 35!   They brought food. Awesome food representing diverse cultures!   Burmese brought a guitar and provided music. They left after 6 PM.    Other folks stayed and left by 8 PM.     Incredible evening of getting to know each other. Sharing our Jesus journey. Talking about walking together in faith.   Monday. Up by 6. Left home by 7 for church. Meetings. Organizing week with Pastor McCready. Teaming together to insure that leadership is prepared for services during the holidays. There is also the challenge of coordinating with Danny regarding construction.    If weather allows and work progresses according to plan, by the time you read this Jerrell Miller will have the final section of sidewalk poured. The challenge will be whether asphalt can be poured by Friday evening when the plant closes until January 2.    Painting is in process.  Roofers are finishing. Gas line is being installed. Doors are being hung. Drywall should be hung and finished for paint by the end of this week. Ceiling grid can be installed. Electrical is on schedule. Flooring is to be shipped any day. Windows are in. Elevator is ordered.    We are praising God. Soon vast energies will be re-purposed to evangelism, discipleship and nurture. Our hearts burn with passion to utilize our marvelous complex in powerful ways ministering to our congregational family and community.   It is truly amazing that we have traveled together about two years since beginning construction with a complete sense of harmony. Only on two Sundays have we found it necessary to restrict the front entrance. This is an extraordinary event made possible by construction teams and volunteers. Thank you for your patience.   Ministry teams are meeting and developing new strategies to best utilize expanded and improved facilities. We see a bold future and believe that our twenty-year dream is a wise plan blessed of the Lord that will help us reach more people more effectively with the gospel message.   There are two Sundays left for worshipful giving. Consider that the ministry of the Church is the highest order of a commitment on earth and the only investment to reap eternal dividends. Think about the people in Covenant whose lives have been changed because of the love and care of our family.   In a prayerful encounter with Jesus review your finances and consider what you can do to help FINISH! God’s blessing is the best return for your money.   I look forward to seeing you Sunday. We will sing, fellowship and celebrate our love for Jesus and His love for us.    We will hope that on the last Sunday of 2018 we can write our favorite scripture verses on the floor of the main lobby in anticipation of finished products being installed.  As in our present worship center, we will stand on the Word!   It is impossible to anticipate every challenge. However, we are doing everything possible in hopes of completion before March 3, 2019. Our mission conference is March 10.   Pray with me and labor with me to FINISH...that we may celebrate together!   Praising the Lord— Pastor Bare

Hebrews 13:5 Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said: "I will never leave you nor forsake you."   Matthew 24:13 But the one who endures to the end will be saved.