With a holy boldness we advance toward FINISH! Last week's progress was terrific. FINISH is coming into view! And what a glorious FINISH it will be!

Allow a reflection:

Laila and I live in the country about 18 miles from the church and city. We see the stars at night.

A huge stump was in our back yard. I thought the roots would be too close to the underground pipes to dig it out.

A few weeks ago with a new chain on my Stihl saw I spent a long while sawing the stump as close to the ground as possible. It was too big for my saw. I kept going around trying to guess where the blade would meet in the middle.

Deciding it had to be almost sawn I hooked up a chain to a vehicle and tried to pull it. It would not budge.

Plan #2. I asked Scott, a wonderful neighbor, to bring his 75 hp tractor and try to snap off the top of the stump above where I had sawn.

He came when I was not home. He called me.

"How difficult was it for you to snap the top of the stump off?" I asked.

"No problem," he said. "It was not a stump. It was just a block of wood sitting on the ground."

I have thought many times about how long it took me to get rid of that block of wood. All the wasted energy and delay. Being down on my knees stressing my chainsaw to eat a hole around it.

I have come to a conclusion: We allow too many stumps to stay in the yard of our heart, wearying us, frustrating us, sawing away at them and wasting our energy---when they are nothing more than dumb blocks of wood without a root.

We try to move them in our own might. We waste creativity and resources.

How wonderful if we could learn to cast our cares upon Him, knowing He cares for us (I Peter 5:7). How wonderful if we would practice our talk of prayer.

As we go for FINISH of the construction at Covenant the Lord is teaching me to allow him to remove the "stumps". There are challenges bigger than I am, stronger than my energy, and beyond OUR strength.

Nehemiah with every challenge reminded the people to pray. We too must pray. We must pray with a trust that allows the Lord to go before us.

And we must give. It is our church. Our home. Our family. Our charity. We are serving ourselves and others. FINISH will bless our community, missionaries and countless thousands.

We are pressing to FINISH the building because on the other side we see the greater possibilities to touch the lives of others by the love of Christ.

There is a need for volunteers who are apt at cleaning, prep work for painting, painting, etc. Please call the office and leave your name, phone number and times you can volunteer.

Perhaps you are one of our readers, Facebook, or you listen to sermons livestream. You have never been privileged to attend a worship service. Yet you are blessed by the ministries of Covenant. Will you pray for and think about a gift to FINISH!

To the FINISH! Pastor Bare Ecclesiastes 9:10 P.S. Sunday you blessed Dr. & Dr. Nixon with a spontaneous love offering of $1,200. On Amtrak to Ohio he sent a text expressing gratitude and their intention to tithe to Covenant when they return. Thank you.