What Do You Do While You Wait?

Begin by giving Thanks. A heart of gratitude to God and others opens doors of grace. Our ability to change the world around us is limited. Our hope is in changing our attitude around us. We change attitudes when our attitude is one of thankfulness. The poem Miniver Cheevy was published by Edwin Robinson in 1910. Only 32 lines, yet it chronicles the story of a man, possibly the author, who muses that if he had been born in days of knights in shining armor life would have been more glorious.

In the end, as Miniver dreams of what could NOT be, he takes another drink and remains seated on the wall. His fatalist view denied him joy and happiness.

God graciously gives us the story of four lepers in II Kings 7:3. Condemned by their dreaded and incurable disease they were outcasts from society. Adding to their misery was a siege against Jerusalem that had caused a terrible famine.

The four lepers had a dilemma. Sit still and die of hunger. The city had no food. Going to the enemy MIGHT mean death.

They talked and agreed that the only possibility was the enemy's camp. "Why sit we here until we die?" they said to themselves.

Upon arrival at the enemy’s camp, they found that God had driven the enemy away leaving everything behind. Food was plentiful. Good clothes and more. The lepers with thankful hearts shared the news and blessed countless others.

In 1995 Covenant was in a massive building program. Total cash on hand was $16,000. I suggested we stop the construction. An elder suggested we continue until all funds were gone. The money never ran out. We FINISHED! The wonderful attendance and spirit of worship we enjoyed yesterday and countless other days has been possible because of that FINISH.

God had a plan for Israel. Elijah had post-Mt. Carmel blues. Eight hundred and fifty devils did not frighten him. One woman, Jezebel, chilled his bones. God gave him space to rest, but then said: "GO" (I Kings 17).

In any given week leadership of Covenant Church touches the world far beyond the church doors. This week there are stories involving precious people from Burundi, Tanzania, Honduras, Cuba, Indonesia, Israel, and the Dominican Republic. In the United States we have been part of ministry in Maine, Vermont, Montana, Tennessee, Georgia, Illinois and, of course, Virginia.

Here at home we have worked with The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Love INC, launched a Swahili ministry and served as the regional site for collecting about 8,000 Samaritan's Purse shoeboxes.

Individuals have been ministered to within the congregation and the extant community.

Yes, the construction is pressing. Yes, we must raise funds. NO, we cannot stop. NO, we will not stop. To FINISH is a door that will take us to a more bold and powerful future.

We will not sit still. We will not die. We will live!

We will not be a Miniver Cheevy and wish we had been born in another time. We will hear the words of Mordecai to Queen Esther: "...you were born for such a time as this..." (Esther 4:14).

We will build to the glory of God! We will celebrate!

And, we will be thankful. Thankful to serve. Thankful to give. Thankful to celebrate and worship. Much love Pastor Bare I Thessalonians 5:18 In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.