A Dream Without Action Is Fantasy

As a teenager I accompanied my dad to visit a rural family. Memory is that the mother and children loved attending church. The husband/father was a man full of dreams about how he could make life better by his own hands. He believed in God, occasionally attended church, but was busy fixing life with his own hands. Dad spoke kindly to the man. He responded: "Preacher, when I get straightened out I will be in church."

I caught my breath when my usually calm and steady dad responded: "Yes, and when you do you will be carried in with your toes pointing straight up!"

Intentions born in the heart can be terribly faulty. "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked," (Jeremiah 17,9-10). The rich man had big plans for a good life (Luke 16:23-26). Ahab had respect for the prophet but his heart coveted, and he listened to his evil wife. King Saul started out well but allowed his heart to turn to a witch for advice.

I was a young pastor when a certain man would occasionally come to church, sit on the back pew, seem repentant, but then would be absent for a long while. When I would talk with him he spoke of dreams not practical. We could never seem to draw him into fellowship towards Jesus. His body was found a couple of weeks after death and had to be scooped with a shovel into a copper tube and sealed.

Jacob had a dream of angels coming and going up and down a ladder to heaven. He made a covenant with God to be faithful. When in trouble he would go back to the place of his covenant commitment. He knew his humanity needed divine intervention.

Nehemiah knew Jerusalem needed help. He took about four months to pray and fast and then set a plan into action. He led his people in restoring the walls and gates in 52 days. He dreamed and needed God's help to FINISH!

Jesus came from heaven with a plan to save souls. He kept his focus to the cross to fulfill mission. It was a big plan that required the giving of His own life!

The question that rises is the source and quality of our "dream". What is the plan for our life? What shall be our epitaph? What shall be the testimony of those who will remember us? What will be the record of our life when we stand before Jesus on Judgment Day?

To answer the question we only need to investigate our behavior. How are we investing our time? How are we investing our resources? What dream is in our heart? What difference will our life on earth make for heaven's sake?

Do we intend to straighten out our lives and then make an offering to Jesus? Will we be like Cain and cheat on God thinking we can make life better by our own efforts?

Covenant is not a selfish dream! Covenant's FINISH to complete the building project is not Pastor Bare's project or personal dream. We made a congregational decision through much prayer believing in our families and our community. We sincerely believe that more souls can be made and discipled by fulfilling FINISH!

FINISH we will. We will finish and celebrate! We will FINISH and rejoice as our Covenant Family grows and serves!

Our dream is for His glory, not ours. Our dream is Holy Spirit driven. Our dream is Holy Spirit powered. Our dream needs divine help.

We have help through the Holy Spirit! Much love---to the FINISH! Pastor Bare Acts 1:1-5