Life is an investment. We receive returns on what we invest. If good, then good; if evil, then evil. If earthly it passes away. If godly it is eternal. The quality of investments are determined by the choices we make. To every decision there are results. Every decision precludes the opposite.

For example, if a person decides to cross a road and does so, then they have left one place to be in another. One cannot be on both sides of the road at the same time.

If a person chooses to be married, that person can no longer be single.

If a person chooses to follow Christ, that person can no longer follow Satan.

We invest time, which is our greatest and most valuable commodity. Money, material possessions and even love are impossible without time.

Time we cannot control. If we had a roomful of clocks and could stop all of them, or make all of them go faster, it would not change time. Time is beyond control of human beings.

What we can control is how we use time.

Think of time as a big room in which all of our assets are stored. Inside the Time Room we make decisions for every second, minute, hour and day of our life. Time to sleep, eat, brush our teeth, bathe, etc., are choices of how we use time.

In the Time Room we decide what to do with our finances and material possessions. We finite creatures are given the privilege by God to choose how to use assets that God has loaned to us. We gather resources from the Time Room to invest in life.

We are either wise or foolish. We make choices that affect our life and others in the present and eternally.

As I write this, it is a Sunday night 9:39 PM. I am choosing in the Time Room to invest in writing to you. It is a decision that taxes my back muscles and tires my eyes. I have a desire for sleep, having started my day at 5 AM.

But, if I succeed in writing to you tonight, it will allow me opportunity for tasks tomorrow. I am making a choice to invest tonight.

At Covenant we are family. We invest carefully, wisely and strategically. Our buildings are consistent with commercial office zoning. We want to be sure that every dollar will be reflected in true value.

We are ambitious to FINISH our construction. While concentrating on our goal we are being careful to love one another, reach out to those who are in need, win people to Jesus and practice missions.

I have been asked how difficult is our task? I do not think in terms of difficulty. A task must be done.

We will give and raise funds. This Sunday our precious Filipinos will serve a dinner after church to raise money for the building fund. An artist is selling a rendering with proceeds to building fund. Stocks are being transferred to Covenant. Piggybanks are being brought.

We will each be creative and prayerful for how we accomplish our part in the VICTORY!

We are investing eternally. We are wise and building our house on the Rock! (Matthew 7:24-27).


Pastor Bare I Peter 2:6 ...behold I lay in Zion a choice stone, a precious corner stone, and He who believes in Him will not be disappointed (have everlasting life).