The Biggest Dream We Have

Ours is a competitive world. Folks make bold plans that demand great resources of time and investment. Folks at Babel spent about 107 years building the Tower of Babel. The Bible says their objective was to "make a name for themselves" (paraphrased Genesis 11:4).

Laila and I attended a Christian college. I edited the newspaper. News came to me from other universities across America. One of the big fads in secular universities was to see how many beer cans could be stacked (without falling). Rules for the game were developed. An impartial observer had to be present. There could not be a pause in the effort.

I wonder how many hours were wasted to get a name in the Guinness Book of World Records?

I like big dreams. I like bold plans. I like when men and women do good things with excellence in record time.

Beginning 1942 eleven thousand soldiers and 7,500 civilians built more than 1700 miles of road through uncharted territory in Alaska in a little over one year. The objective was to prevent Japanese from getting a military hold on Alaska.

The Empire State building was constructed in one year and 45 days! One hundred and three stories and 7,000,000 man hours!

One of my favorite things to do approaching bedtime is to Utube child prodigies who play musical instruments.

God, the Creator God, has given to mankind genius abilities to think and to do.

Yet, there is a caution. In our thinking we are constrained to prayerfully petition our God to bless our endeavors. Before we get big ideas and launch bold missions meditation, study of the Bible and listening to wise counselors is essential.

Our ideas born in our carnal minds may be good ideas, have good intentions, have moral content, but if we choose our journey without prayerful consultation through the Spirit we own the process and the results. We own the failures. We own the pain. We own the success.

We need not expect God to come alongside us to bless our ego. He is not a puppet. He will only partner with us when He is the Senior Partner. He will not be our Co-pilot. He will not sit backstage while we get all the applause on the front page.

There is a more keen point to be observed. Dream. Dream big. But my hunch is that when God is the Chairman of the Committee the dream will be bigger, bolder, more daring and the results more glorious than anything we can do on our own.

To this end I rejoice. We at Covenant have not dreamed for ego or to get men's applause. Our path has been prayerfully charted with intent to bring glory to God. Our sole ambition has been to be a congregation to share the gospel, win people to Jesus and make disciples.

The dream of what Covenant Family to be is from God! We are obedient to follow.

In my bones a fire is burning! I believe that what God will do will be more glorious than our most bold thoughts!

Let us labor together in anticipation!

Much love--- Pastor Bare Jeremiah 33:3 "Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know."

NLT: Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come.