The Ant

Ants move around 3 inches per second.  If we extrapolate that 3 inches per sec out to 900 ft per hr and multiply active time of 19.2 hours per day, ants are trucking 17,280 ft per day. That's 3.27 miles per day of movement! Please pardon the humor, but it may be than an ant may travel farther in a day than some people.

Many times in my life I have watched ants hurrying about their tasks of helping to feed the colony. So tiny, not even 1/4th of an inch long, they are instinctively driven to communal service. The goal is bigger than any ant. The task heavier than one ant can carry or fulfill. T   Ants can carry 20 times their own weight (comparably a 200 human would need to be able to carry 4,000 lbs). With 250,000 cells in an ant's brain it takes 40,000 ants to be comparable to the weight of a human being.

Each ant colony has its own smell, which quickly reveals intruders. They may look alike but they live in families and only identify with their family.

I write not to make a spiritual application of the life and work of an ant which is a creation of God. My sole intent is to intrigue you with the simple and devoted life of an ant to work diligently for the good of the entire family.

Neither is it my intent to deliver guilt to anyone. Rather, my fingers search the keys with intent to urge each of us to work while  it is day. Work is not a bad word to me. I love work. There is a great gratification in seeing progress as we put our hands, feet and minds to tasks.

This AM I stopped by John Bucchi's home. He has retired as a missionary because of his health. Having lost both feet because of illness he was walking on titanium legs. I marvel at the creative work of man with inventions that make our lives better, sometimes possible.

Laila and I lost a child. Today, with improved medical treatments, he would have lived. What once dreadfully cost the lives of so many infants is now curable with a shot to the mother during childbirth. 

The Bible has much to say about work. There are scriptures about the sluggard or lazy person. The Bible uses illustrations of animals, including ants, to instruct man to be diligent.

My tendency is to never be satisfied with the amount of work done. Just a little more. Push. Press. Work to exhaustion. Stop only to rest, while wishing that more could be done.

Yet, the Lord teaches me that what is done daily, faithfully and with love becomes a sum total that is a testimony to God. In my mind the construction of Covenant should be much faster. However, the different contractors and products must done in sequence. It takes time.

The building of people is a process. A gathering of Life Group leaders this past Sunday celebrated new groups and new leaders. Steadily God is giving us relational gatherings on every side of Charlottesville. 

It takes time to build children into warriors. Students are off to grade school, colleges and universities. Remarkable students. Brilliant. It has been my privilege to sit with numerous students and talk about their Christ walk while they are preparing for their professional careers. 

You are not an ant. I am not an ant. God's people are not ants. However, my hope is that we will individually realize that our lives are not lived in isolation to our private pleasure. We are social creatures. Family. Built together in Christ through the shed blood of Christ.

We labor not for earthly gain but for the Kingdom of our Dear Lord. We give of ourselves investing in souls, caring about the distressed and lonely, and ambitious to rescue someone in need.

This Sunday Judge David Barredo will host a panel of experts during Bible study at 9:45 AM. The focus will be on foster and at-risk children. We will learn of opportunities how we individually and collectively may be the hands and feet of Jesus to children whose lives have been shattered by brokenness.

My hope is that while you live you will LIVE. Live boldly. Live powerfully. Live meaningfully. Live in Christ to avoid regrets. Live to avoid sin. Live to fulfill righteousness. 

Be busy until He comes. Much Love

Pastor Bare Luke 19:13 "...occupy til I come" (Apply yourself to the work of Jesus until He returns for His Church).

Ants have a detail to take trash out of the colony.