Sunday August 12 Is Coming

We will celebrate God's goodness and mercies, our love for God, and our desire to share God's love to all people because Covenant Cares. Before Sunday comes our fair city will suffer a weekend of tension and anxiety. One year ago August 12 was a dark day in history for our city. We were on worldwide news for ugly reasons that should have never happened.

Beginning Friday this week many streets downtown will be blocked, all parks closed, a heavy police presence will prevail, and many buildings will be locked down with employees only able to report for work through secured doors.

One year ago we had riots. A young woman was hit by a car and killed. Others were injured. Many of the dissidents were not from our community, but our community suffers. The happenings of the riots were broadcast internationally.

I was interviewed live on CNN and by BBN with international coverage because Heather Heyer, the young lady killed, had visited and liked Covenant Church.

This week "Covenant Cares" will be a celebration of sixty-six years of ministry by the congregation in Charlottesville. In 1952 twelve adults were charter members to form the nucleus of the congregation. Twelve children added to total 24 for a beginning in a vacant room of Belmont Store, which still operates today.

The faith of the original 24 was tenacious and bold. They have reaped a harvest and those still living are parishioners who will be with us this Sunday in worship.

Gently and beautifully beginning in the early 1980's the Holy Spirit helped us to open our arms to the world around us. Driven by a mission spirit we longed for those we helped bring into the Kingdom of Jesus to become part of our fellowship. Color, cultures, and people from different countries received our welcome, entered doors to worship with us and became family.

We proudly display flags representing the heritage of our folks and their native country. We are not naive to think we all like the same music, style of worship or types of musical instruments. We have characteristics distinctly different.

But our common bond is in Christ. Our mission heart is ONE. Our love for the Church is pure and total. Our compassion for sick, lost, hurting and lonely is passionate and prevailing.

Friday volunteers will work to enhance facilities interior and exterior in preparation for Sunday. You are welcome to join us. Lunch will be provided.

Sunday will come. Parking attendants. Two worship services with a time of fellowship and refreshments between the two services.

We encourage you to wear clothing characteristic of your culture or a culture you wish to identify with as an honor.

Our guest will be the General Overseer of the Church of God, Dr. Tim Hill. He is a renowned pulpiteer and writer of more than 200 gospel songs and hymns. A Dove Award winner.

We are hopeful that Covenant folks who have moved away will come home for a visit this Sunday. We are also inviting our four ethnic congregations to join us in the morning services.

While our city will be struggling to keep things calm we will be energized by the Holy Spirit to raise up praise to God for his unfathomable blessings.

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday!

Much love Pastor Bare Psalms 100