Water Baptism

Meet Tin Maw. Until about a year ago she was Buddhist. Her ancestors for hundreds of years have worshipped the idol god Buddha. Ironically, Buddha the man when asked if he were a god boldly made clear he was no more than any other man. Unfortunately most Buddhists have no knowledge of the true story of Buddha and his insistence that he was mortal. There are more than 3,000 Buddha idols.

Tin Maw did not easily come to Jesus. Giving up idol worship is difficult when it is associated with ancestor worship. Prayers for loved ones who have died is inherent in the religion.

To give up idol worship is to feel the pain of loss for those who have died worshipping idols. To give up idol worship often results in persecution from family members still alive.

Tin Maw is the only believer in her family. It makes life very difficult.  She is openly persecuted.

Gradually Tin Maw's faith grew. Her love for Jesus grew. She progressively separated herself from the vestiges of idol worship. Her resolve to trust Jesus has grown stronger since meeting Jesus.

Tin Maw about one year in her new faith has determined she wants to be baptized in water. Her story motivated me to share last Sunday a sermon about water baptism.

John the Baptist practiced requiring converts to make a public testimony of their confession of sin, repentance and commitment to the Kingdom of the coming Messiah.

Jesus came to the Jordan River where John was baptizing. The Sinless Lamb was baptized in river water. Normal H2O. No sin to wash away. But a public display of commitment to righteousness.

Jesus going into the Jordan River to be immersed in water. Down into the water. Up out of the water.

My hope is that if you have been sprinkled in baptism, never been baptized, or if you have had difficult years of struggling with your faith, you will choose to be baptized in water THIS Sunday!

Yes, you may have been baptized but want a fresh start. You may have been baptized by your parents and do not remember it.

If you have not been baptized, why not?

Pride? Procrastination? Reluctant to let others know that you are willing to make a public statement of your faith?

There is no good reason not to be baptized.

Soldiers on battlefields have carved  holes in sand and filled tarps with water to be baptized, or used barrels. Prisons make water baptism possible for those who have come to faith in Jesus.

Please go to baptism.covenantchurch.net and register. Instructions for proper clothing will also be found on this website. Or you may call the church office at 434-973-5536 to register.

We are planning for water baptism both services and looking forward to a wonderful morning. Help make it so by choosing to be baptized now!

A public declaration of faith in Jesus Christ is a bold and powerful step of faith.

Much love,

Pastor Bare

John 1:19-34; Mark 1:10; Matthew 3:16; Acts 8:36