If I Can I Will

A mantra of Covenant Church is our resolve to serve. There is no higher honor than to bless the lives of others in ways that reveal our Christ hearts.

We are not do-gooders to be heroes or receive awards or plaudits. We do what we do naturally, driven by love, valuing others and knowing that acts of charity make our world a more kind, safe and gentle community.

Perhaps you remember when a passenger plane in Washington DC crashed into the Potomac River. It was a cold and icy winter morning. A man driving to work saw a woman thrown out of the airplane into the waters. He explained later that instinct kicked in. He took off coat and boots and jumped into the river to save the woman. He did not consider himself a hero.

When we meet Jesus he takes out our heart of stone and puts in a tender heart. Translated: He takes out our heart of selfishness and greed and puts in a heart of love that sees others as precious in the sight of God.

We do not have to read self-help books to think of serving. We are not bound to follow club rules or posted regulations of how to think and help others. Naturally our minds see others in their needs. We instinctively respond. Our innate character propels us into the crisis.

Jesus noted that even people who are not believers can be altruistic. Sinners have given their lives to save others. Soldiers have thrown their bodies on a live grenade to save others.

God has wired us as human beings to care. Only when our hearts are turned by sin do we get lost in selfishness. Yet even those far away from God are known to be compassionate, caring and willing to come to the rescue of persons in need.

It is when we encounter Christ that we come to be at our highest and best for God. It is when we follow in the footsteps of Jesus that we are molded and shaped by the Master Potter to be a vessel in His hands to bring glory to Him.

Today was a red-letter day at Covenant. On a hot July day with temperatures reaching into the 90's folks came to worship. Attendance was strong. Fellowship was precious. The Holy Spirit ministered the Word to our hearts.

After morning services we had about 30 minutes to prepare for the Celebration of Life service of Carla Cousins Waller, one of our precious children's church volunteers. 

It was amazing to see folks volunteer to prepare the sanctuary. Volunteers had prepared the gymnasium with tables and chairs to seat several hundred people for the repast. The food was ready and servers were excellent getting people through the lines. 

Afterward volunteers quickly and efficiently stored tables and chairs and cleaned the gym and kitchen.  All the while they were enjoying fellowship and camaraderie. 

Our guests were amazed. There were many compliments about the warmth of hospitality, being greeted at the doors and given directions, the service and the care during the repast.

Laila and I talked about the character of Covenant folks as we came home late in the evening. Your serving hearts are beautiful. You see needs and respond.

You see things that can be done to make a difference and you do them.

That is what makes you beautiful to God and to me.

During this week of celebrating America's liberties and praying for God to direct our country toward the cross, my prayer is that you will live fully in the liberty you have found in Christ. My prayer is that you will seize every opportunity to serve, allowing the Holy Spirit to stand you in times and places profoundly changing lives through your acts of love.

I love you.

Pastor Bare

Ecclesiastes 9:10; Colossians 3:23 Whatever you do, work at it with your whole being, for the Lord and not for men, (v. 24) since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.