The river in the distance follows low points of the valley. Water flows from the mountains of the Shenandoah Park twisting and turning, heading to join other waters in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Clouds dance over the river playing their own music as they respond to the coolness of the water in contrast to the warmth of the rising sun. The outline of the river is made clear by the jagged line of clouds drifting like ghosts rising into the Afton Mountains.

I marvel at the beauty and wonder of the world God has created for his pleasure and ours.

He could have made us colorblind. He could have made man without legs or arms. He could have sized our brain in comparison to our bodyweight, which would have reduced it to ounces instead of pounds. He could have limited our eyes to only see predators or objects for food.

Instead he gave us fingers and toes. Limbs that can be trained to move in unison or discord. Fingers that can type over a hundred words per minute while we think about something else. A brain that is more powerful than the world's most advanced computer. A heart to love God and others.

Does a pig, dog or bird take an offering to God and worship? Do animals awaken in the morning with thoughts of a loving God who gave His Son Jesus to redeem us from our sins?

He is not a god of magic. He is not a god made of wood or stone. He is the Living God who created all things. He still creates.

Laila and I love to watch videos and programs of gifted and skilled children. Giftedness is from God. Skill is the result of practice.

Just sit back for a moment and go to this site to watch one of the world's most famous ten year-old violists.

Here is your challenge. Take a few days off. Chase down, lasso, capture, cage or coach every animal, bird or fish you can find. Give them a violin. Wait a billion years and all you will have will be a trashed violin with no music.

God created man and woman. God put his finger into the womb of a woman and mixed the genetics for His glory.

Yet, the most amazing of all wonders is that the infinite God by the power of His Holy Spirit stirs the spirit of a man or woman. Sending down love from above He takes out our stony heart and gives us a heart that loves Truth and Life.  Makes anew his creation by covering sin by the blood of Jesus.

Gives new life. Gives new hope. Gives new dreams.

Have you read the story of Rahab a harlot who became a grandmother of Jesus Christ?

Have you read the story of the Apostle Paul who was a murderer of Christians before he met Jesus?

God is still writing stories of redemption. I am happy to share with you that Covenant Church is filled with powerful stories of men and women who have been Born Again, forgiven of their sins, sanctified and who now walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Let us together walk along as brothers and sisters in unity and love, joined together in common adoption by Our Lord Jesus Christ, who is our elder brother.

We have seen many miracles. We will see many more.

Much love

Pastor Bare

Psalms 6:1,2 O God, you are my God; early will I rise and see you: my soul thirsts for you, my flesh longs for you in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is; To see your power and your glory, so (I have come to your sanctuary in the morning)