The temperature was climbing past 90 degrees Monday morning when I climbed the ladder to the roof of the new construction. In dress clothes with a necktie, I leaned over the top of the ladder to take a video. All of the workers were Spanish. Skilled. Each tasked with technical coordination.

What amazed me was that the roofing insulation was being cut in triangles, squares, and other odd shapes. It was different thicknesses from one side to the other. The pieces were placed like a jigsaw puzzle to create rises and falls that would channel water to drain pipes.

I confess: The Lord did not gift me to twist and turn things to fit them into intricate patterns. Please do not give me a 500-piece puzzle with an ocean landscape and expect me to make the picture.

The engineering of the roof was fascinating as they used magnets and a heat machine to bond the vinyl to the room.

The workers took notice that I was watching. The supervisor came near to the ladder. I spoke to him: "Thank you. We appreciate you and your crew helping us with construction."

Yes, it is true. Such simple words have powerful impact. And I try to take each contractor and crew on a tour of the church. There are times that it would appear being in a church is new for some of the workers. But it seems that after they see the inside and hear words of appreciation they feel more appreciated and are friendlier. It is more than a job.

Nehemiah observed when the Jews were rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem that those who helped would be rewarded. A record was kept of each family's labor and offerings.

Nehemiah also observed that those who did not labor and give would have no reward in the victory. The Lord's desire is that what we do and give must be done freely and cheerfully.

If Jesus tarries, we will complete the construction. It will be beautiful. The community will be appreciative. Our neighbors will be inspired. The finished work will serve us with excellence. Our families will worship together, study the Bible together and enjoy varied fellowships.

What we do is not intent for name recognition. We are not expecting our name to be engraved on a building or plaque.

But with freeness of heart I confess I dream of the day of sitting on the patio above the porte-cochere, looking out over the horizon and down on the parkway, having a sandwich from the galley, talking with friends, worship music over the speakers and celebrating VICTORY.

We are not twiddling our thumbs waiting. Yesterday Wayne Roberts facilitated staff training for which professionals charge $4,000.  It was no cost to us. We have a Leadership Forum of about 40 persons working on specific goals anticipating completion of construction. Of course there is ministry on a daily basis, i.e., resourcing volunteers, training, visiting of sick and shut-ins, counseling, youth and children's ministries, ad infinitum.

This week VBX. Wonderfully presented with terrific volunteers.

It will not be what others will say to us when we have succeeded with construction. It will be the joy of knowing that we have invested in the moral constitution of our community, increased our missional ability to share Christ locally and globally, and provided for improved facilities for fellowship, discipleship and worship.

And with the victory of completion of construction we will devote our energies totally to people---caring and loving them in the Name of Christ.

Thank you for praying with us, giving with us and laboring with us for His cause and His Kingdom!

Much love,

Pastor Bare

Nehemiah Chapters 4-7 will inspire you