Sowing Seed And Reaping A Harvest

In the early 1980's Covenant had grown to about 90 people in average attendance. We were in a building program and paying our own way. Banks would not loan to us.

My sister Phyllzs and her husband Wayne were educational missionaries in the Dominican Republic. Because of their evangelism hearts they started a church. The congregation grew. They needed a building.

Every group of people within the Covenant congregation accepted the mission to raise as much money as possible in six weeks. Even the nursery had a plastic tube for nickels, dimes and quarters. The big day came to bring the offerings together. The total was about $17,500. Before the week was out the offering passed $20,000.

A sanctuary was built for the Villa Mella congregation in Northern Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

In time Wayne and Phyllzs returned to the US and served on our pastoral staff before transferring to Peru where they served 9 years as missionary educators. Then they moved to Colombia, S.A., where they have served as educators and church planters for 9 years.

Laila and I received an invitation to participate in seminary commencement in Santo Domingo. Phyllzs asked that we visit the Villa Mella church. We were privileged to do so.

The congregation, one of the strongest of 820 churches, is completing a beautiful remodeling. They have purchased additional property, constructed a 3-story building for a school and have planted several new congregations. The pastor is considered one of the premier leaders of the Church of God in the Dominican Republic.

Covenant's $20,000 investment in missions and the dedication of the Wozniaks continues to reap a great harvest.

There are times when I ponder the challenges of Covenant Church. In such times I meditate upon the life and words of Jesus. He made clear His Church was universal. He made clear that the "next town" and "into all the world" were practical applications of the gospel until everyone has a chance to hear the Good News.

I reflect that God loves others as much as he loves us. Naturally, it follows that to the children of God who are most blessed is the burden to do and give the most.

Such meditation gives me comfort. My heart reaffirms that Covenant will be strong and bold in days to come. If we love missions God will favor our steps, ordering them to victory.

I dream of completing the construction and seeing new faces, new families and serving our congregation and community in larger ways. I pray that our caring, praying and giving to missions, local and foreign, will increase!

Your tithing and offerings are investments in souls. Because of you countless saints have been encouraged and thousands upon thousands of souls will spend eternity with us in the presence of Jesus.

Laila and I and your Pastoral Team are privileged to serve you.

Much love

Pastor Bare

P.S. By God's grace we will arrive in Charlottesville about 8:30 PM Tuesday, May 8.  We look forward to being home!

Matthew 28:18-20