By Faith

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Worship yesterday was Spirit filling. I love Sundays. Being with good people who love God, who love each other and who love their home church is vastly rewarding.

One of the greatest joys of being Senior Pastor of Covenant is the love of the congregation for a sermon. Music good. Prayer times. Worship with offering...always worship. Then folks just settle in for a sermon. Steady. Calm. Ears open. Hungry for a practical message about Christian living.

After two sermons, meetings and talking with individuals Laila and I had thought to go directly home. We chose instead to have a light lunch in the city and visit three parishioners.

First was Judy Carter who had surgery. She is one of the kindest and most generous persons I know. Always thinking of others.

Then we visited Ann Zimmerman, charter member since 1952. Soon to be 93. Now in nursing home. Faithful. So faithful.

Then to Ampy and Reginia Smith’s home. Ampy has had surgery. Home recovering. Scheduled for further treatment. Faithful to church. Faithful in volunteering.

Finally home. There is something about off...need I say more?

Mondays are always full. Staff meetings. Pastor Robert led the meeting and engaged staff in family time sharing, getting to know each other better, poignant stories of childhood...and healthy laughter. I am grateful for our Pastoral staff.

There will be change in the coming months. Change in space and locations of ministries. About 12,000 sf added to our complex. Remodeling of existing rooms. Relocation of offices. Enlarged area for children's ministries. Terrific place for evangelism and special meetings. Lobby with elevator---and more.

Saints before us labored with their hands to build, and they gave generously to lay a foundation. Many of them have gone on to be with Jesus. By faith they worked, prayed and believed, but died in hope of what is currently happening. Those of our congregation who sowed seed for the present blessings are now in Covenant's Chapter of Faith.

In my bones I feel like the changes that will happen in the next months and two or three years will be bigger than we imagine. God is positioning us for a larger role of leadership in the community and beyond. Our church body is emphasizing discipleship, family and missions to community and world.

Obedience is a sure path to blessings. There is no magic in the Kingdom of God. There is the promise of God that faithfulness produces fruit. The Holy Spirit leads us into harvest fields to reap. We are reaping and will continue to reap!

We hold the Bible dear, precious and holy. We cherish the privilege of following in the footsteps of Jesus. Our expectation is for Jesus to return for His Church. We labor in hopes of sharing Jesus with lost souls, bringing them to the cross and making disciples.

This must be the Church's finest hour as we prepare for Our Lord to return! Let us labor as if we expect His return!

Much love

Pastor Bare

I Corinthians 15:51-58



Pastor Bare and Laila, Robert McCready, Wayne Roberts and Diego Anderson

Will team together to facilitate a practical seminar on leadership skills. The eight-session

seminar during the Sunday Bible Study time will explore personal traits and assess leadership needs of Covenant. Emphasis will

also be placed on optimal skills for leaders in marketplace.

Participants will work together to design strategies for improving methods of serving.

Registration this Sunday. Certificate for those attending minimum of six (6) sessions.

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