Where To From Here

We are blessed. Yes, I will say it again: "Covenant Church is blessed!" It is a good season. The Lord is adding to our family. Our arms are open in WELCOME.

I am writing to you from my office. Just outside my window is a huge crane. Steel workers are busy preparing for the crane to begin lifting the steel into the air and put it in position to be welded.

Candidly, I feel like a kid with a new toy. Our dream is coming true. God is allowing us to join our buildings with an elevator. We will serve more people better as we exalt the name of Jesus.

Life groups continue to increase in number of locations and attendance. Additional groups are in planning stages.

Tom and Cora Bouch's Life Group assumed responsibility for the Seder Meal on Thursday evening before Resurrection Sunday. Eighty-five persons were present!

Friday's Good Service attendance was one of the largest ever. Stations of the cross exhibit was open all day for individuals to meditate on their journey of Calvary's price for our sins.

Saturday's family event celebrating Children was held in Tonsler Park downtown Charlottesville. Hundreds of community folks came for a huge give-away of new clothes and a colorful egg hunt. Pastor Dana Carrier and his team hosted the event. A time of worship and invitation to follow Christ was part of the morning.

Covenant Church had rented Tonsler Park for Sunday morning ministry about 30 years ago. Volunteers from Covenant drove buses and picked up children from their homes. A light breakfast was served. Those children who were part of the Promise Chapel ministry are now adults with children.

Sunday there were two English services and Nepalese, Burmese, Hispanic and Hindi services. We humbly give thanks to God for his gracious hand of favor.

Sunday night a tractor-trailer loaded with steel pulled into the church parking lot. The driver slept in the truck waiting for daylight and a crew to unload. A second truck arrived. Before the day came to a close trucks were unloaded and barjoists were being installed in the steel beams.

Building is preferable to renting or leasing. My son-in-law is pastor of a congregation in California about the size of Covenant. Their crew of volunteers must arrive 5:30 AM on Sundays to unload trailers, set up and prepare for worship.

We have wonderful properties that not only serve our congregation but other community functions and churches. We are not selfish. We share. We believe the facilities God has given to us are for the building of the Kingdom of Our Lord. Whatever we can do that improves the welfare of our community that is consistent with our doctrines and teachings we want to do. It is a joy to serve. The Bible teaches us that Jesus did not come to be served, but to serve (Matthew 20:28).

The physical building is a function. It will not go to heaven. Yet it is sanctified and dedicated to worship and service of Our Lord. We gather in it as souls to praise Our God, to pray, to learn, to sing, to rejoice, to fellowship, to be baptized in water, to be discipled. to have weddings, to have dedication of children, to have mission conferences, to celebrate lives well-lived, ad infinitum! We are encouraged when we meet together. We gain wisdom in fellowship. We are empowered by knowledge and the unity of the Body.

Please take note with gratitude that construction thus far has not prevented us from having access to both lobbies. Workers and volunteers have made extraordinary efforts on a weekly basis. This is phenomenal!

In a few months, by God's grace, the construction will cease. We will celebrate. Then all our energies will be focused on evangelism and discipleship.

Thank you for praying with us and being part of the journey!

Please spend time with Jesus today and reaffirm your love to Him and His Church! Much love Matthew 16:18