No Accident...but Intent

Greek Philosopher Heraclitus observed: "No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man." In the beginning of civilization humans lived from things grown naturally. Travel was by foot or animals.

The wheel was invented, perhaps the greatest invention of all time. Where would we be without wheels? No cars, trains, airplanes, ships, etc. We would still be primitive.

Other inventions followed. For about 4,000 years civilization pulsated with highs and lows. Brutality of war, natural disasters, disease and other complicating factors of sin attrited the world's population only allowing about 300,000,000 people by the time of Jesus.

The Romans put a big footprint on planet earth with an iron fist. They established common government, tax system, common language, international mail system, international road system and virtually abolished piracy. Moral corruption in Rome's leadership allowed barbarians to overrun the empire.

The world went into darkness of violence against the Kingdom of God for a 1,000 years. Uncountable numbers of Christians were martyred. Kings and kingdoms rose and fell with war and disease taking their toll. Estimates have placed the death toll of the Bubonic Plague in the late 1300's as high as 200 million.

Explorers discovered other continents. The Renaissance awakened mankind to new dreams in arts, architecture and science. The Industrial Revolution was fueled by capitalism and Christian theologian Calvin approving charging of interest.

But with progress became greed, wars and rumors of wars. The American Revolution, the French Revolution, World War I, World War II, ad infinitum.

By 1800 the world population was one billion. By 1900 world population had grown to 1.6 billion. By 2017 (117 years later) the world population has grown by more than 5.5 billion, i.e., total now more than seven billion.

Even to the 1950's it was said that knowledge was doubling every 50 years. Then there were numbers of every 15 years and down to every five years. But with international trade, travel and computers knowledge doubled at an even faster rate as the Twentieth Century came to a close. There are estimates that knowledge now doubles every 12 months. Soon knowledge may double every 12 hours.

Not only is the river flowing, but we are changing---we as a Body at Covenant and each of us individually. To pretend that tomorrow will be like yesterday is foolishness.

We live in the present with all the challenges of our world. God has ordained us to be salt and light for Jesus.

Jesus tasked us to fulfill the Great Commission of sharing the gospel into all the world (Matthew 28:18-20). He promised the Holy Spirit to empower us for the mission.

We must finish our construction project as soon as possible to free more energies for ministry to precious souls. We feel the power of the river carrying us towards the soon coming of Our Lord Jesus!

Next week we will celebrate our mission hearts and giving. We will also rededicate ourselves to the joy of witnessing and sending missionaries to share Jesus with others.

Much love Pastor Bare Esther 4:4b "...who knows but that (we) were born for such a time as this?" "Even so, Come, Lord Jesus" (Revelation 22:20).