A Spiritual Tune-Up

We were blessed to purchase Laila's car at an excellent price with low mileage. It has served us well. Recently, red lights came on the dash indicating problems with the engine. An auto parts employee was kind to use a machine that read the computer on Laila's car. I did not like the report. "Misfire on two cylinders."

The cost of a new engine could have been a threat to the value of the vehicle. However, the technician said: "Maybe you just need a tune-up."

Spark plugs were $13 each for six. Good time for an oil change. I was very happy when one of the red lights went off. However, the remaining light indicated that a thermostat in the radiator was malfunctioning. Another red light went off.

The mechanic is about 25 miles over a mountain from where we live. I left the shop headed home. It did not take five miles of mountain to tell the difference in the power of the motor. It was as if the car did not know there was a mountain. No red lights on the dash and the powerful engine hummed.

Made me think about a spiritual tune-up. If changing spark plugs, thermostat and oil can add horsepower to an engine, what could a spiritual tune-up do? Wonder what would be the result of taking time to refresh a heart commitment to Jesus? Going back to the beginning when first hearing Jesus call "Follow me." Going back to the moment of being Born Again. Going back to the moment of the blood of Jesus washing away sins. Going back to the moment of initial joy in realizing the incredible wonder of being a child of God.

Ships that sail the deep waters are prone to have sea creatures attach themselves to the hulls beneath the water. The speed of the ship can be slowed by barnacles. Sometimes divers scrape off the barnacles. Other times the ship must put into dock and have a more serious "tune-up", even being lifted out of water for servicing.

We begin our journey with Jesus. In our journey it is all too easy to allow "weights" to be added that slow down our progress. Not every weight is a sin. Not every weight will doom us to hell. But there are weights that slow us down, impede our effectiveness, discourage our heart, limit our vision to see what could be, and diminish the harvest we could reach.

At Covenant we are having a wonderful season of ministry. We are strong. We are focused. The Lord is with us. We are set on a course to win more souls to Jesus, make more disciples, and build family.

In a very real sense we are "tuning up", checking our "engine". Making sure that our motives are pure and our ambitions are godly. We are diligently asking the Holy Spirit to form us as a Body to serve others in a manner that exalts Jesus.

In "tune" the mountains are no challenge. With our hearts "tuned" to the Holy Spirit we become a formidable force being the hands and feet of Jesus fulfilling the Great Commission!

Oh, the sweet sound of an engine well-tuned! Much love Pastor Bare