The Rock of Faith

Challenged? Oh, Yes. Christmas is days away. Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. Folks in need in every way that humans have needs. My young years of ministry were filled with practical things to do. Painting, carpentry, repairs, etc., were desperately needed, along with care of a small congregation.

My family grew up country. "Can't" was not in our vocabulary. You just figured out how. We did not have duct tape and epoxy glue. Ingenuity was our response. Grit your teeth, buckle down, go to work and stick with it until the problem was solved and the job was done.

The passing years have brought ministry to a different level. Expertise is required. Using a computer? "Yes." Knowing how to fix it or write software? "No."

Managing a church account with $8,250 per month? "Easy." Managing Covenant's account? "Not easy?"

It is December 11. Trucks, forklifts and bobcat are busy outside my office window. Seeing the workmen is a fascination to me.

Something inside me wants to be out there with them. This AM a bulldozer operator gave me a few lessons. It was the exciting event of the day for me to climb up on the machine in my dress outfit with necktie and move dirt---something I had not done with such a machine since 1978.

It was gratifying to get off the machine and have experienced operators say: "It is obvious you have been on a bulldozer before."

Excuse me, just got interrupted. Workmen need an answer about something technical. Oh, good, A phone call sufficed.

"Cut the window out, bust it out, trash it. Lay block," was my answer without going out of my office.

Wish life were so simple with people. All this building is about people. With people, answers do not come so easily. There is a skill to construction, but dealing with people, their social situations and their souls requires wisdom from above.

Many years ago a young woman from another city was referred to Covenant by her pastor. What her biological father had done to her was forceful and evil---she bore her father's child. It was deformed. She was locked in with the baby until it died and was secretly buried in remote land. No marker.

She sat in front of me. Her sanity was stretched. Pushed to the outer limits. The look in her eyes bespoke a journey toward the never-never land of Catatonia.

Feeling helpless is an understatement. Having been a social worker in a mental hospital had provided a depth of experience to compliment academic studies. But human answers were not enough.

My spirit cried out to God. God came through. A miracle happened. An incredible miracle. She came back. God healed her.

We changed her name. She found she had some inheritance and managed to get it without her dad finding her. She moved to another city. Married. Opened a Christian bookstore.

On this Monday the Holy Spirit reminds me that nothing is too hard for Our Jesus. He knows how. He is able. He never fails.

We have confidence in the construction workers to put up the building. We have greater confidence in Our God that He will build this Body of Believers to be powerful. We will be the hands and feet of Jesus to serve this city, the hinterlands and unto the uttermost.

It is why Jesus came (Matthew 1:21). Let’s celebrate Christmas!

Much Love

Pastor Bare