The Road Ahead

A Chinese proverb: "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Talk comes cheap. Lots of talk lowers the price. The Bible even notes that in too many words there is a greater probability of sin.

Talk is often nothing more than an excuse for irresponsibility. Talking can be a path to procrastination. What should be done is delayed while words fill the void.

"Tomorrow" is the echo of vanity and narcissism lost in the present. Fear of change and/or love of the present prevent action. The unknown intimidates. Dreams are lost in the desert of atrophy.

Dreams of the Kingdom of God must never be channeled for personal fame or fortune. The ambition is to bring precious laborers together to win souls and make disciples.

It is true that Covenant is in a major building program. Wise decisions are being made to complete long-range plans of joining our two buildings into one with about 12,000 additional square feet and an elevator.

I am constantly amazed at the genius of the persons leading and the dedication of the construction team. By God's grace when you get this letter truckloads of concrete will be poured to form a massage wall. Masons are going for the sky as they lay block. Electricians are preparing to install conduits. Excavators have begun work on the storm water reservoir.

For all of the above construction progress we give thanks. Yet our great joy is not in the "bricks and mortar". Our devotion is to care about people. Even as I write to you my heart is burdened and our prayer team is interceding for persons who are scheduled this week for reconstructive surgery, pacemaker for a heart, chemo treatment, serious dental surgery, ablation of the heart, recovery from broken bones in a back, etc.

The above does not include persons who are suffering from broken relationships, injuries physical and emotional from war, consequences of sin from personal actions or things done to innocent people by sin.

Covenant is a healing station. One of God's precious places chosen to have open doors for bruised, broken, lost and lonely people to find rest for their souls, healing for their bodies and joy of healthy relationships.

Covenant is a place of dreams. We absolutely lose ourselves in the joy of picking up people who are struggling and praying, instructing and loving them until they are standing strongly in faith on their own two spiritual feet.

Last week Carlos Acosta and his family visited with us from Puerto Rico. We are trusting God to help us find a job for Carlos. He and his family will move to Charlottesville and join the family of Covenant Church if we can help him find a job. He is a gifted young man. Pray with us.

Eric and Xenia Marrero from Puerto Rico are already settling in. Xenia has been called to work. Eric is hopeful for employment in the next few days.

My hope is that you will rejoice in your salvation and live in the fellowship of the Body of Christ. My hope is that you will experience the pure and delightful joy of investing in the lives of others---pointing them to Christ.

My prayer is that we may walk along together in unity, knowing that if we are obedient and faithful Our Lord Jesus has promised heaven's favor.

May you find great opportunities in the coming days to share your love of Jesus with others. Sharing is the true spirit of Christmas.

Much love

Pastor Bare

Philippians 4:8