Sowing and Reaping

It is Fall and harvest time. Laila and I are taking a few days to travel.

Our objectives are simple.

To refresh with rest and meditation.

To put the city limit's sign in our rearview mirror for perspective.

To have time together to talk about issues of heart.

To enjoy God’s beauty together.

To encourage pastoral couples.

Others join with us to make possible hosting a pastor and his wife to dinner at a restaurant of their choice. We share time together talking about ministry. We listen and talk about ideas and concepts that make ministry more enjoyable and more effective.

We answer questions and offer ideas and suggestions.  We bond as friends.

I am writing to you from a motel room in Jonesville, NC. We met with four pastors this evening. There were two couples. One pastor's wife was home with children. Another pastor lost his wife to cancer about one year ago.

After a good meal of their choice we retreated to the fellowship hall of a local church, formed a circle and talked until almost 10 PM.

We found good people who love God and are dedicated to ministry. Our joy is to refresh them.

Laila and I remember assuming responsibility for a congregation of 17 people in a one-room cinderblock building with no restrooms. We remind ourselves of how much it would have meant for someone to come along and affirm, encourage and share a gift.

We are deeply grateful to Covenant Church and friends who make possible these tours of encouragement. As we refresh others we are refreshed.

We are grateful for the pastoral team who diligently keep forward motion in our absence.

Yes, daily our thoughts and prayers dwell upon Covenant. God has placed us in a strategic community at a strategic time. No matter where we travel folks know about Charlottesville. Folks are aware of events in Charlottesville. Charlottesville has become a bellwether for tensions in our nation. In national news today Charlottesville is ground zero referenced to illustrate divide.

Together we will seek God for wisdom how to move forward evangelizing and making disciples. Yes, there are technicalities.

The tragedy in Texas last Sunday is a reminder of evil. We have been, are currently, and will continue to address security. More is being done than is obvious to the eye. However, we will review and seek ways to improve security.

What we must not do is resort to maintenance mentality. Our justification to call ourselves a "Christian" congregation is rested in our acting and doing what Christ bid us to do. We must never celebrate what happens inside our buildings as our greatest accomplishment.

Buildings are a staging ground. Buildings are where we worship, disciple, refresh and fellowship. We leave our buildings to be powerful in our community, our world. The real footprint of Covenant Church is where we walk and live!

Yes, we are grateful for our facilities. We are grateful for corporate times together. We are grateful for supernatural moves of the Holy Spirit for healings, salvations, restorations, and empowerment. Our gratitude to God is demonstrated as we daily live walking in the footsteps of Our Lord Jesus. Obedience speaks our gratitude.

Laila and I will be home Thursday, Lord willing. We look forward to seeing you Sunday!

Much love--

Pastor Bare

Enjoy clicking this video to see current progress of construction: Your prayers and gifts for building make us strong together.