I Stood

Today began early. Much to be done. When I arrived at church the pastoral staff was intensely at work. While many church offices are not open on Mondays we greatly value following Sunday with review and strategic planning for the week.

My desire was to press agenda. Two o'clock was coming. I wanted to be outside when big trucks arrived. One truck would be a gigantic pumping---replacing the old wheelbarrow method of pouring concrete. Four trucks with concrete rolled in. An engineer was on the sidelines testing the concrete for 3500 PSI.

I stood aside with my camera. It was a wonderful moment. Twenty-one years in the making. Twenty-one years of planning. Twenty-one years of hoping, dreaming and praying.

The PLAN: To join our buildings together.

The PLAN: To improve our ministry to children and teenagers.

The PLAN: To provide sheltered entrances.

The PLAN:  To provide an attractive, large lobby with room for fellowship and service to Covenant family and newcomers.

The PLAN: To provide an elevator to all floors.

The PLAN: To have an entire complex under one roof.

The PLAN: To provide additional seminar rooms.

The PLAN: To provide an outdoor patio above porte cache with dining tables.

The PLAN: To provide an esthetically pleasing appearance to passing traffic.

I stood observing and being grateful to God. Grateful for the people who have made Covenant home. Grateful for the ministry of Covenant to the community, hinterlands and world missions. Grateful for Covenant Family.

This past Sunday the sermon was an exhortation on the biblical relevance of the local church. Theologically and doctrinally the sermon emphasized that the Church is Christ's body and local churches are to be in the character of Jesus Christ.

It was a joy to share with the congregation powerful stories of how Covenant has made a difference in the lives of individuals and our community. Miracle stories.

Many church buildings and medical clinics exist today because of Covenant caring. There are farm tractors, boats, animals for riding, tools for farming, wells, and tens of thousands of Bibles serving Our Lord's people around the world because of Covenant.

As I stood and watched the machines and men work today I prayed for their safety. It is dangerous work. I prayed that they may see Christ in us. I prayed that the Lord will give us great favor with expedition. I prayed that many souls will come to Christ because of our investment.

This coming Sunday we will have a children's musical both services. My hope is that you will join us for this exciting time of worship.  Missionary Paulus Wbowo, will be presenting between services as all Sunday Bible Studies join together in the sanctuary to hear him.  My hope is that you will bring friends with you.

On your way into church and as you leave take a look at the progress of the building program.  Pray a prayer about a special gift for the building fund.

See you Sunday.

Much love---

Pastor Bare

"And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord" (Exodus 14:3a)

Please read: Ephesians 4:1-15