The Eve of Fall

I grew up on a farm with a Dad who had a "green thumb". He knew when and how to plant and nurture crops and was respected in a community of farmers for the yield of crops and harvest of vegetables. Maybe it is a desire to be like Dad. I want to plant vegetables and have a harvest. Too many years I have tried and failed, leaving me to buy from the grocery store or depend upon charity of friends.

This year in late July I bought a healthy seedling. With great purpose I determined to place the seedling in excellent soil, fertilize, water and stake the plant. This I have done diligently.

With great delight I watched as the seedling became a strong plant. I drove stakes into the ground surrounding the plant. Tied the plant to keep it from growing toward the ground. Keep a bucket of water beside the plant to make sure that it has plenty of moisture.

What I did not include in my carefulness was the timing. There have been too many cool days. It is the Eve of Fall. Days when temperatures only reach low 70's. Days are shorter---less sunshine.

This is my plant. I fear I shall not have a healthy tomato!

I looked at my plant the other day and was reminded of the scripture: "The harvest is past, the summer has ended, and we are not saved" (Jeremiah 8:20).

These are uncertain times. Dare we think about North Korea's evil ruler with a hydrogen bomb and missiles that could attack the U.S.? Do we forget that Iran would like for every Jew to be dead? Do we forget that Russia and China are determined that America shall not be the world's defender of democracy?

Do we ignore the irrational behaviors of those in our own country who hate God, despise the Bible and churches to be faulty genetics of evolution? Do we feel the Babylonian spirit that surrounds us of "privilege" to sin without a God of justice? What shall we say of those who call themselves Christians yet they live in denial of the most fundamental tenets of character of Jesus Christ?

This you may be sure of: Winter comes to each of us. If we will yield a harvest for Our Lord we must be diligent in season. While we can. While we are healthy. While we have ability to do and to give. While we have a clear mind. WE MUST PRESS THE HARVEST.

If we will fulfill our mandate as a people of God Covenant must be diligent to the harvest. Sacrifice is required. Prayer is essential. Hands-on labor is our privilege.

Fall will come. Winter will come. Prophecy is clear that the world system of witchcraft will progressively prepare for the antichrist to try and assert one-world government.

Let us labor diligently as if our life depends upon it: IT DOES! And not only our life, but the souls of others whom the Lord has put in our hand.

Much love Pastor Bare John 15;8

"This is to my Father's glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples" (John 15:8

Pastor's Notes: Building Program: Steel is arriving. The civil engineer is plotting an updated plan critical revision that is starting point for footers. Concrete workers are ready as soon as engineering is certified.

Update Javaris and April Wright Pastor Javaris shares that attendance has more than doubled. Back bills are paid. Painting and fixing up facilities. Miracles are happening.

Missions With great joy this week Covenant disbursed funds to numerous mission causes: Windows for a Colombian Bible college dormitory, support of a seminary training missionaries, local missions organizations, Honduran missions, etc.

Sunday Bible studies: 9:45 AM Incredible opportunities to learn and make friends. Our facilitators are awesome!

Worship presence: Being on time, staying in worship and participating creates a willing path for the Holy Spirit to shape up into disciples following Jesus. Relationship building is icing on the cake. Hebrews 10:25