In Times Like These

I came to Jesus age 14 recognizing my deep and desperate need for a savior. It was not open and ugly sins that frightened me so much as thoughts of what I might do as a sinner as I grew older. Though the son of a pastor I found my mind was restless. Inquisitively and diligently my search was persistent. No savior of religions met the criteria of Jesus. I decided to put my faith and hope in the Christ of Calvary.

Events of recent weeks have caused me to reflect deeply upon stuff and social events and why having Jesus as Lord is the highest priority. By stuff I refer to material possessions and their temporary pleasure. It is better to have than to be hungry. It is better to be safe than to have no place of refuge. It is better to be loved and feel secure than to be lonely.

Yet a sinner may have a house, family/friends and food and not be satisfied or have hope of tomorrow. One of the dangers of having is that persons who have not may attach themselves for selfish reasons. Job learned this hard lesson and spoke of it. When rich he had much favor. In adversity and sickness persons who had feigned friendship abandoned or criticized him.

Horrid pictures of fires in Northwest U.S., an earthquake in Mexico and hurricanes in Florida and Texas jolt our minds. Seeing houses burned, floating in water, filled with water or completely torn apart by forces of nature are heart-breaking. Seeing piles of furniture, clothes and items considered precious dumped as trash tears at our emotions.

I do not know how sinners cope with mega disasters. What is their explanation? Where is their hope? Is life meaningless? Is there any answer for why? Dare we ask God if there is a purpose in such destruction? Read God’s answer to Job for such questions.

In these difficult times folks who are weak and carnal turn to please the flesh. Remember in the Book of Revelation when judgment comes upon the earth to destroy Babylon men will curse God because their pleasure is taken away.

But we are not carnal. We follow Christ. We know that the earth groans and travails awaiting its hour of release from the curse of sin (Romans 8:22). We know that Satan is at work to try and kill the church and prevent the return of Jesus. We see the carnality of our world insisting that God should not impose any expectations or demands upon human behavior.

We see the need of a Savior. We see the need for churches to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ’s sufferings, death, resurrection and promised return. To this end we commit ourselves that we will not be weary in well doing (Galatians 6:9). We will occupy until Jesus comes (Luke 19).

We eagerly look forward to His return. To this end we at Covenant Church commit ourselves to be diligent. During this season we are checking our "hospitality" spirit, knowing that we cannot win others if we do not serve them.

In times like these we need a Savior.


Much love Pastor Bare