Lost In a Vacuum

In recent weeks our world has been shaken by a series of events that would be frightening if we did not have an anchor for our souls. Those who have no anchor are driven by the winds of social media and emotions. Those who have found Jesus to be precious to their souls know the "end of the Book" (Bible) and take comfort in a Sovereign God and Jesus' promise to return. Vladimir Putin, the leader of Russia has opined that the nation that controls "artificial intelligence" will control the world. He further suggests that it would be best if no one nation had ultimate control.

Reading Putin's comments reminds us of Revelation chapter 13. Jesus shared with John about a future time when a man will sell his soul to the devil in exchange for satanic power. He will be able to call down fire from heaven. There will be an attempt to digitalize every human being. The "mark of the beast" with a number of 666, or a computation based on 666 will be put on the foreheads or hands of those who will swear allegiance (witchcraft oath) to the anti-christ (one who will try to destroy the Kingdom of Christ).

The Beast or anti-christ will attempt to kill every person who refuses to take the oath. Mixed with the wrath of the Beast will be the wrath of God against the Beast and Babylonian sins during a time of judgment of heaven for a Babylonian world.

For almost 2,000 years the concept of numbering humanity was like science fiction to unbelievers. Atheists used the idea of numbering humanity as a weapon to insist the Bible is a book of fiction. Then came micro-chips and computers. Then came technology to painlessly load a micro-chip with bio data under the skin of a person. A micro-chip reader/scanner similar to what is used in a grocery store can retrieve all data from the chip.

Science has once again affirmed the Bible.

A hurricane dropped 52 inches of rain in Texas. I wonder what could be the result if similar amounts of rain fell every day on the whole earth for 40 days. The flood of Noah would seem very believable.

Here we are on a journey between two eternities. Satan would like for us to pretend we are gods and there are no consequences for our behavior and thoughts. Just like with Adam and Eve satan would want us to live to the flesh as if it is a divine right. We cannot afford to get lost in a vacuum!

Covenant Church has a divine mandate: We are to preach the gospel, baptize and disciple converts in the Name of Jesus. The cross is our point of beginning. Heaven is our destiny.

In recent weeks the Lord has added to our family. We are grateful. We celebrate life in Christ.

The building program will give us many more opportunities for ministry. This coming Sunday we will for the first time use the new classroom in the North Annex. Pray with us for construction to continue at an excellent pace.

Think about your friends that you could ask to join you in worship and fellowship. Think about how their eternity and how grateful they will be to you for bringing them to Jesus. There is joy in heaven when a sinner comes home to Jesus (Luke 15:7).

Sunday sermons during September will focus on the theme of "Hospitality". We will explore scripture to understand the grace that allows us to live well in a fallen world.

Much love---

Pastor Bare

Hebrews 12; Ephesians 5