Walking with King Jesus

As a teenager I was accused by peers of only being a Christian because my dad was a pastor. The accusation was not true.

Becoming a Christian was a personal decision. My wants and desires brought threats that endangered my future and life. I became afraid of me. Yet, I knew I could not save myself. I needed a Savior. The answer was Jesus.

Beginning my Jesus journey---even as a preacher's kid---was a new venture. Age 14, the challenge was to understand WHY to choose Jesus and not gods of other religions. Off to the library. Books. Books. Books. For English classes and creative writing studies, essays and research papers were written about major religions of the world. Who were the founders of different religions? When were the religions established? What made them different from Jesus and the teachings of Jesus?  

The more I read, the more real Jesus became and the more certain my heart was fixed to follow Jesus. Course set, there was no turning back. 

Years have passed. I feel no master of the process. Do not consider myself to be the greatest theologian. Have never been applauded as a celebrated pulpiteer. Do not consider perfection as the state in which I live. I do not have confidence that I will master all the questions before crossing the finish line.

Just when I think life should be getting easier challenges arise that humble me. Questions are asked that baffle me. Circumstances leave me surrounded with complexities that defy logic. I am pressed to remember my humanity and dependence upon Jesus.

I write the foregoing with the clear intent of hoping to persuade you to walk along with me in following Jesus. While we pursue knowledge of God and ask for wisdom to discern truth, we walk along in faith. 

It is not required of us to understand all mysteries of the universe. This is not "The Chase", "Idiotest", or "Jeopardy". We are created beings with the Creator breathing soul into us. The wise choose Jesus. Those who desire eternal life follow Jesus.

The Covenant family is not made of egos celebrating esoteric theology. We hold dear the Scriptures and the simple truth of salvation through Jesus Christ. What we do we do because of His love for us. He loved us first. Because of grace we are saved---not by works.

Deep in our bosom is a burning desire for the Holy Spirit to empower us and give us wisdom to do zealous works for our Lord and His Church.

Crossing the finish line, we do not long for people to applaud. We hope for the applause to come from heaven. 

While we are here, we labor for King Jesus believing that through his death we have an inheritance incorruptible!

In the reality of this current season:

  1. We are blessed to be improving our buildings to better serve our congregation and community.
  2. We are praying for God to raise up young men and women into leadership.
  3. We are diligently and prayerfully revising strategies of ministry to increase ability to reach the harvest and make disciples.
  4. Discipleship, Life Groups, Children and Youth, Fine Arts and Care ministries are being given careful attention.

We are children of King Jesus, and we want to look and act like who we are until Jesus comes!

Much love—

Pastor Bare

Luke 19:12-13 (Parable) He said therefore, A certain nobleman went into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom, and to return.

And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, OCCUPY TILL I COME!