Advancing Into The Future

The front entrance of Covenant currently is a big gaping hole in the ground. It looks pretty ugly. But by faith one stands and looks into the future and the hole becomes part of a powerful future.

We see an elevator going up and down. We see a large lobby. New seminar rooms. Patio for ministry events on top of the porte-cochère. We see people growing in Christ.

Initial construction efforts did not include:

1. Moving administrative offices and developing the entire first level of the Ministry Center into a complex for children.

2. Going down another level with the elevator and making possible movement from the gym in one building to the cafe in the other building. 

These changes are dynamic and will greatly enhance functionality of the complex for ministry. 

While construction is in process the elders, pastoral team and other leaders are focusing on leadership strategies anticipating the construction being completed and fencing and machines gone. The completed complex will be beautiful and offer terrific opportunities for discipleship and community outreach. 

Thank you for your continued prayers and generous giving to the building program. Please make a generous gift investing in our future as a congregation.


Allow me to share an interventional note: My eldest brother Jim, retired Major of U.S. Army, Vietnam vet, totally disabled, just took a team of plumbers to Colombia, S.A., to the Bible college where our youngest sister, Phyllzs, and her husband, Wayne Wozniak, are the educational leaders. The team completed an important part of the construction of a beautiful campus. That Jim could make such a trip and supervise the construction is nothing less than the gracious hand of God! 


Hear my heart as Senior Pastor: I am daily praying for God to raise up leaders at Covenant. I pray that men and women will hear a clarion call to battle. I pray that a spirit of sacrifice will change values, priorities and schedules. I pray that a passion to win lost souls to Jesus and make disciples will replace desires for fleeting pleasure and fun. I pray that the Holy Spirit will send forth laborers into His harvest (Matthew 9:38).


Not a novice: We are inching toward September 1 on which date our family will have served Covenant Church for 36 years. We started building three weeks after arriving. I cannot remember a time when we were not building, moving walls or planning to do so in the near future. Building has its challenges. 

 From experience a building program adds pressure for the pastor and pastoral staff. The first four building programs of my ministry were followed with surgery. Thank the Lord that pattern has been broken.

Before the current building program, I tested our pastoral staff for commitment to stay until construction is hopefully completed. There was consensus.

Maybe I did not pray and ask God about His plan. 

Jessica Dizon who has been with us twelve years has been hired to an elite accounting firm in Charlottesville. We rejoice with her and will greatly miss her.

Then Javaris and April Wright discovered that Javaris' home church when he began ministry at age 16 needed a pastor. Javaris asked the Administrative Bishop of South Georgia for consideration to be a candidate as Senior Pastor. The congregation was once about 300 but has suffered, lately averaging about 50. 

Javaris and April arrived this past Sunday AM to more than 100 people! Folks had heard they were coming. The vote for them on Sunday night was 99%!  

We rejoice with them and pray for them on this new venture. Elders have given direction that August 6 during Bible study time we will host a reception for Javaris and April in the gym. Persons who wish to encourage them in their first year of ministry may note so in their offerings. The Elders will add to the total in a gesture of our partnership of home missions.

We will honor Jessica on August 20th during our Sunday Service.

At Covenant we rejoice when good things happen to good people!


There is more: In our efforts to advance Covenant's leadership, Robert McCready's title will now be Senior Associate Pastor. This will be a wonderful relief to my personal energies and allow the pastoral staff to be unidirectional.  I will be able to concentrate more fully on my passion: people and mentoring.

There is no day that passes but that we are praying and working to improve our efforts to move boldly in the harvest!

Much love--

Pastor Bare

P.S. Laila leaves Monday AM with our Bible quiz team for national competition in Cleveland TN! There will be 25 teams.  Please pray for safety and anointing.  They begin competition Wednesday, August 3, 1-5 PM.  

Matthew 9:38 Pray ye therefore to the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into his harvest.